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24 Questions to Measure Your Sales Prospecting Effectiveness and Process [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted by Margarita Yepes
on Dec 15, 2017 2:09:53 PM

Prospecting is one of the most challenging part of a sales professional’s job. Salespeople are up against heavy competition, highly informed buyers, and prospects who are constantly exposed to solicitations. But prospecting is also essential. Without a healthy pipeline, you stand no chance of reaching your growth goals.

We’ve broke down the process into 4 stages with a 24-questions checklist, inspired by one of our favorites High Profit Prospecting, to help you start pulling apart all the components of what you’re doing now to prospect.

It will not only allow you to track where your leads are coming from, where each lead is in the process, and what activities are being done, but it can help you identify areas of improvement to increase your sales and make your work more effective.

 VOIQ Infographic Sales Prospecting Effectiveness.png

 Use the questions I’ve listed as a directional guide to help you begin to determine how you need to alter your sales prospecting plan. Go after each question and look for areas that stand out as opportunities for improvement.


Topics: Lead Generation, Sales Development

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