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5 Ways Sales Prospecting Calls Amplify your Account Based Marketing (ABM) Strategy

Margarita Yepes

Sales Prospecting Calls Amplify your ABM Strategy

Recent advancements in tech integrations, marketing automation, and data analytics have prompted a renewed interested in Account-Based Marketing (ABM). According to SiriusDecisions’ 2016 State of Account-Based Marketing study, 87% of B2B companies say ABM is “extremely” or “very” important to their overall marketing efforts.To be successful, ABM requires a collaborative approach between sales and marketing so that together can identify the right accounts to go after. By aligning behind a common accounts list, marketing can show sales how each tactic and activity is impacting those accounts and moving them toward conversion. 

Suddenly, a practice traditionally used for sales is now driving the marketing plan.

While it may seem like a new initiative for ABM, this sort of targeted, personalized approach is, and always has been, the cornerstone of a successful call prospecting program. Let’s see how intelligent sales prospecting calls support and amplify your ABM strategy.

1. Identify High-Value Accounts and Open Conversations

Data sourcing and predictive analytics allows you to predict and generate the firmographic (company information), technographic (what technologies are used at that company), intent to buy (meaningful behavioral data from that account), and engagement data (how engaged your company is with that account) that indicate which accounts appear to be the most achievables and able to convert into long-term profitable customers.

In ABM, everything has been optimized except for the calls, which are the most critical and valuable touch points with your customers. Call prospecting allows you to profile, research and enhance data to get a detailed picture of the accounts you’re targeting. It also allows you to identify and start conversations with key decision makers or influencers, and use that data to shape a marketing plan that truly aims at each prospect within those accounts.

2. Develop Tailored Content and Personalized Messaging

The exploratory nature of prospecting calls empower marketers to guide each prospect within an account to uncover valuable insight into their own problems through the exercise of answering targeted questions, while simultaneously educating them on your product and refining your messaging in real-time to better address those problems.

By leveraging the insights collected through call prospecting, you can shape your understanding of each individual’s pain points and challenges and use them as focal points of your marketing campaigns, messages, content and sales interactions.

All marketing content (i.e. emails, ebooks, blogs, landing pages, videos, calls-to-actions, etc.) that you developed within your regular marketing and sales process is still going to be effective in your ABM program, but now it’s actually targeted to each one of your accounts.

3. Deliver Targeted Offers Through Segmented Email Marketing

In order to maximize the effectiveness of your ABM outreach, you need to segment your emails according to your prospect’s buyer profile, interests and needs.

Segmenting your email marketing helps you build a personalized, 1-to-1 dialogue with your prospects, offering valuable information and tailored content, at the right time. However, with the average business email sending and receiving over 121 emails a day, it's becoming increasingly difficult for sales and marketing teams to standout among all the inbox clutter. Threading qualification calls into your automated email workflows directly from your CRM, allows you to capitalize on your content and amplify the impact of your emails and social touches.

That said, make sure to constantly monitor how each account is engaging with your content. Consider changing the wording and tone of your messages, analyze what the most effective times are to message your personas, and pay attention to which email sequences and call scripts are receiving a lot of interaction.

4. Build Dialogues and Capture Insights With Prospecting Calls

B2B call prospecting is ideal in an ABM approach as it’s as personalized of a communication channel as they come. It can be applied at any stage of the funnel, from early stage marketing leads to qualified sales opportunities. It supports the activity alignment between marketing and sales, and for the first time, empowers marketers to deliver high quality leads with enhanced levels of insight and higher propensity to convert.

If you want to grow, you need to knock on people’s doors. But, without proper insight, these efforts are useless.

Adding intelligence to your prospecting calls allows you to predict and optimize the best outreach strategy for your accounts. A call automation software like VOIQ makes it possible to leverage lead intelligence to build the perfect pitch, execute the calls with an on-demand salesforce, and scan each call to surface key moments in the conversation (i.e. pain points, push-backs, competitor data, timing, etc.) that can be then used to further optimize your ABM strategies.

5. Paid Ads allow you to promote ads to a very targeted audience

Using social media is a no-brainer when it comes to ABM. Once you have content specially crafted for an specific account, you need to make sure it gets into the “eyes” of each prospect within that account and their extended network. Start following them on social media, track what they’re talking about online, which websites they are visiting, and what events they are going to.

You can leverage Facebook to target specific audiences based on their contact information and demographics. You can promote your ads through specific Twitter handles and target specific employees on LinkedIn. And don’t forget retargeting! As your prospects see your ads when they're visiting certain sites, remind them of what you have to offer.

With ABM there’s no one single right approach or strategy. Each account’s needs and interests are always shifting, meaning you must constantly test and measure every tactic, data and channel within your ABM program, in order to ensure maximum ROI.

Learn how to integrate automated prospecting calls into your email and social media workflows to nudge your prospects toward engagement.

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