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6 Steps To Threading Prospecting Calls Across Your Outreach Marketing [Infographic]

Margarita Yepes

An effective content strategy needs targeted outbound to draw in potential clients and proactively go after big accounts. Email campaigns are the most common solution companies adopt when attempting to actively engage with potential clients, but with the average business email sending and receiving over 121 emails a day, it is becoming increasingly difficult for sales and marketing teams to standout among all the inbox clutter. The solution to a flooded market is threading calls into your existing email campaigns and nurturing your leads with quality content for each stage of the buyer journey. 

Use this infographic to build a higher level of sophistication into your sales and marketing strategy:


Why Integrate Sales Calls Within Marketing Workflows? 

  • Businesses that use marketing automation to nurture prospects increase qualified leads by 451% [Source: The Annuitas Group]

  • The rep that offers content for each stage of the buyer's journey increases conversions by 95% [Source: DemandGen]

  • When calls are programmed into personalized emails, click-through rates improve by 14% [Source: Aberdeen Group]

  • Nurtured leads produce an increase in sales opportunities of 20% [Source: DemandGen]

How to Thread your Sales & Marketing Outreach

1. Establish Buyer Personas: Defining your ideal customer profile will allow you to approach leads with language specific to their needs. 

  • Key attributes: Firmographics, pain points, push-backs, value proposition.
2. Create Content: Content helps position your company as a thought leader in your industry.
  • Segment your content topics, keywords, and tags per buyer persona and buyer journey stages.
3. Design Workflows: Create automated email workflows to send relevant content and reach more leads quickly.
  • Segment your workflows by your different triggers: blog subscriptions, content downloads, form submissions, etc.
4. Thread Marketing Emails with Phone Calls: As powerful as inbound marketing is, threading calls into your email campaigns increases lead conversion by 35%.
  • Use calls to reinforce your email and vice versa. 

5. Measure Everything: Track all your email opens, CTA Clicks, call activity and your leads’ entire conversion path (from lead to customer) directly from your CRM.

6. Use Feedback to Optimize Your Next Campaign: Use your lead's feedback to identify what messaging is resonating and what can be improved. Use their push back to align your content topics and proactively address their concerns.


To learn more about threading calls from your CRM, download our guide to Building a Successful Prospecting Call Strategy

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