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Aflac: Understanding The Insurance Buyer Journey

Margarita Yepes

Selling suplemental insurance policies and benefits packages to employees and families is quite different from selling consumer products at a department store or online shop. However, insurance products, do have something in common with everyday items people purchase: Every potential customer goes through a journey to get to the purchase point. 

Understanding The Insurance Buyer Journey

So, how can all this help you sell insurance effectively? In this post, we’ll explain best practices to navigate through each stage of the buyer journey and help you revamp your entire sales process. 

Awareness - Opening doors

At this part of the process, your prospect has realized they may have a problem. Perhaps they have questions like "What happens if I break my leg"? or "How can I protect my employees?" At this stage, you should offer content that answers those questions for them. While you're not selling directly to them, it can guide them to your website, allowing you to capture their information and opening the door to start buidling a relationship.

Consideration - Gauging commitment

At this stage, your prospect has clearly identified their problem, and is looking for solutions, considering all the options out there. Now your content should focus on educating your prospects about the solutions you have to offer so they can make the right choice. It's also the opportunity to follow-up with your prospects through a call, uncover their pain points, while generating genuine interest in your brand and adding value throughout the conversation. 

Decision - Getting down to business

Once they have reached the decision stage, your prospect is ready to make a purchase, and you've got to convince him that your solution is the best. You can offer a variety of resources like a free trial, or sales collaterals (a deck with your offers, product comparison sheets, etc.). At this point your sales team needs to be focused on closing the sale. 

Amplifying your marketing campaigns with priming calls will definitely help you sell your insurance products more effectively. You'll be able to learn more about your prospects, determine if they’re a good fit, and prepare them for the sale with relevant offerings that will solidify their decision. 

Want more guidance on how to effectively qualify your leads? Check out our free guide!
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