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Event Planning With Call Programs: How & Why To Do It

Jessica Taggart

It’s a scenario you know all too well: your event is only a few weeks away, and you still have to wrap things up at the venue, finish organizing speakers, and continue to keep track of RSVPs rolling in. You feel like you’re in over your head - you have so much to do and not enough time or manpower to do it.

How do you delegate time-intensive tasks when your team does not have the bandwidth?

VOIQ Event Planning With Call Programs: How & Why To Do It

Instead of struggling to juggle all the last minute event prep and letting a few balls drop, you can outsource tasks to a third party. A great option is to hire on-demand call agents that can take care of one of the most tedious tasks of event planning: making outbound calls.

With on-demand agents, you can create call programs to:

  1. Confirm last-minute attendance
  2. Deliver event reminders or important messages to attendees
  3. Drive event attendance with last-minute sign up offers, and
  4. Carry out surveys post-event

“Why do I need to do that? I already have an automated email program!”

Automated email programs are great, but in order to be fully effective, using call programs bring an added touch of personalization. With one-on-one phone calls, you are more likely to get an immediate response and build relationships with attendees. People respond better and more often when personalized approaches are used.

If you choose to use an online platform with on-demand call agents, you can get a call program up and running from one day to the next. Using a call program as part of your event planning efforts can make your life dramatically easier by saving you time that, in turn, allows you to focus on other high-priority event tasks.

Here are some of the responsibilities you can delegate to call agents:

Distributing invitations

Call agents can call attendees individually to follow up on mailed or emailed invitations. This targeted approach can drive both interest and response rate. Emails that are sent once with no follow up, or followed up by an automated email, may get lost in the shuffle. It’s easy to say no or to ignore a message when it’s sitting in your inbox or on your counter, but it’s harder when you are speaking with someone directly. By following up with a personal phone call, potential attendees can have the information they need on the spot to be able to confirm their attendance, making the RSVP process simple and pain-free.

Confirm last-minute details

In the final days prior to the event, you can have on-demand call agents reach out to all attendees to remind them that the event is taking place soon, confirm any event details, and answer any last minute questions. Call agents can also follow up with people who have not RSVP-ed by the deadline to see if they are still interested in attending. They can even offer last-minute deals for discounted pricing if you need to drive event attendance.

Outsourcing these two tasks to call agents takes the stress of counting last-minute RSVPs off your plate and gives you a final accurate headcount.

Following up

Schedule a call program to survey attendees post-event to get feedback and answer any follow-up questions. This type of proactive call campaign (link to proactive outbound call campaign blog) can help improve future events and builds relationships with event attendees.

Call agents can and should be an integral part of your event planning. They can take care of the time-consuming yet important details for you and your team while also building a rapport with attendees and simplifying the attendance process, which only increases the chances that these people will attend more events with you in the future.

 Hiring call agents makes you and your team’s jobs easier and does not have to be a costly endeavor! You can get what you want, get it done right, and get it at an affordable price. At VOIQ, our agents are friendly, professional, and highly-trained to provide optimal service in the event-planning space.

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