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Getting The Most Out Of Your Test Campaign (Part 2)

Margarita Yepes

There are three main failure points to pay close attention to when running your test campaign: a weak or outdated contact list, a poorly written script, and connecting with the wrong people.  The following are the first steps to enhancing your call campaign and creating a more valuable and solid base for your sales strategy.

VOIQ Getting The Most Out Of Your Test Campaign

Cleaning up your contact list

Your contact list is the first thing to double check when running into issues with the performance of your test campaign.  You can waste valuable time and money by sending your campaign to old and outdated contacts.  You need to ensure that every contact has the possibility to become a solid lead.

Using NetProspex Data Health Scan service can be a massive help in this step of the process. This tool assess your email deliverability, phone connectability, target profile breakdown for free, and remove data quality issues such as duplicate or incomplete data from your database. With this solution, you’ll have 90% accuracy of leads that actually matches your target profiles.

An alternative option is to purchase leads from companies like Zoominfo, who certify the validity and accuracy of their database and its information. With this option, you can build out a list of valuable contacts and prospects for further growth.


Connecting with the right contact/lead

Now that you have an updated and validated list of potential leads, you need to ensure that those you talk to have the authority and ability to make a decision about your offering. Also, be prepared to have to pass gatekeepers in the process of getting to those decision makers. Chances are you’ll have to pass through lower-level employees.

The first thing you absolutely need to know is if their problem is one you can solve.  Spending time on a client you can in no way help does nothing but take time away from those you can.  Learn everything you can about their issues to see if you are the solution, and if you’re not, make sure you identify the reason why. With this information you’ll have the ability to re-define your target market, your competitors, and potential pushbacks.


Refining your campaign script

The entire idea behind a test campaign is to discover what does and doesn’t work within your strategy.  When you create your script, you need as much feedback from your salespeople as possible.  You must know the hurdles and potential pitfalls with your script. Once you know them, you’ll be able to refine and adapt your script to work around the issues (objections and frequent questions) you come across. Having a clear and valuable script is crucial for successful call campaigns because it will shape the way your business, product and/or service are perceived.

Ensuring you have a clean contact list, connect with the right people, and refine your script according to early feedback will save you plenty of future headaches. Being well prepared will not only make your campaigns run more smoothly, but open up the door for more successful campaigns down the road.

Put insights into action - request a demo below to see how VOIQ can ramp up your test campaigns.

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