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How Much Time Should You Spend Prospecting and When Should You Do It?

Hannah Lindstadt

How Much Time Should You Spend Prospecting and When Should You Do It?

Your communication defines who you are to your prospects. The cadence of your communication and the channels of contact you use are some of the most important factors involved in deciding whether or not your message is heard by your potential customers. So how much time should you spend focused on the top of your sales funnel, and how do you ensure you are reaching out at the right time, with the right cadence to optimize your potential to make connections?

The truth is, for a sustainable flow of quality prospects, if you are in charge of your prospecting (i.e. you haven’t outsourced prospecting) you should be dedicating 25% of your time to generating and qualifying new leads.  Below we share the breakdown of what you should be doing during that time, as well as some tips on when and how to maximize the productivity of the time you spend prospecting.

When Should You Reach Out?

Research has shown that connection rates increase as the day, week and month advances, meaning it’s best to make contact towards the end of each of those time frames. Specifically between the hours of 3pm and 5pm, on Wednesday and Thursday (No one wants to do anything on Friday…) and focusing the days leading up to the end of the month. However every industry has its specific quirks and you should always A/B test your outreach to discover the best times for your specific industry.

How Frequently?

Be cautions  and avoid bombarding a lead with too many emails or calls, agree on and set a limit of emails and calls within a 30 day period. It’s important to note that just because a lead does not respond within those 30 days you do not need to remove them as a potential lead. Best practices dictates that you should give the nonresponsive lead a period of rest (some suggest 60 day cool down periods) before reaching out again to see if their interest has changed.

What Communication Channels?

It’s well established that getting a lead to convert to a customer requires numerous points of contact. This contact should span a period of several days and should vary between calls and emails. Consistency and persistence are extremely important. Automating email and call campaigns is a progressive solution to standardize your outreach and avoid forgetting to follow up with leads. Automation should always be used to increase personalization and improve your prospects' experience so be sure to do your research and only leverage automation tools with similar values and focuses.  


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