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How to Find an Effective Call Center

Jessica Taggart

Your boss calls you into his office and proceeds to ask you why your sales numbers are so low. You are the Director of Sales, and your boss finds it hard to believe that yet again, your department is coming in under target. This is a scenario that plays out many times in many places because the fact is, sales can really be hard. Even for the best sales people in the business, there are times when closing deals just isn't happening.

VOIQ How to Find an Effective Call Center

Today, many companies look narrowly at email campaigns as the key outbound platform for prospecting, but there is considerable data supporting the fact that employing a team of cold callers will drive qualified leads to your business.

The key to finding the most effective call center solution begins with your understanding of the situation your company is presently facing.  The first stage of this discovery often boils down to a series of questions such as:

  • How should my company be perceived?
  • Is the goal to grow market share?
  • What is the LTV of your customers?
  • What campaigns are coming up?
  • What are the reasons for customer churn and what will stem this tide?

Once this picture is clear, you are in a position to begin your search. Often, the matching of talent with your particular set of needs comes down to the following set of key principles:

Putting the Right People on the Phones

This is where the rubber meets the road. The quality of a call center is all about the people who conduct the outreach on your behalf. In many cases the level of education possessed by call agents may not be a big factor. The larger issue is whether or not the agent has the basic sales skills to produce strong deal flow or at least line up cold prospects for the closing team to act on. However, if the product or service your company sells is highly technical in nature, sales agents with considerable training or formal degrees may be required in order to converse adequately with the target prospects in order to generate sales qualified leads ready for the closing team.


Once you've hired the right people to put on the phones, it's imperative that you give them proper training to ensure that are armed with the information and behavioral requirements they will need to meet the company's business goals. Training; however, is only as good as the post-training follow-up and feedback, which brings us to the next point.

Coaching and Feedback

Now that the call agents have been provided with training, it's critical for management to deliver conistent feedback and guidance. Managers should review call recordings with their agents in order to coach them through scenarios and provide them with feedback on their performance.

Reviewing the Results

Finally, the gathering of statistics is essential to determining the effectiveness of call agents. The objective of call centers is to meet the business goals of their parent organization. Reviewing the data on a regular basis and giving this feedback to call agents is critical to their improvement and motivation.

Call centers that possess the above attributes are not ubiquitous, but they can be found. Locating one that embraces these values will close the deal with your boss and help you get going with a successful call center experience.

Check out our guide to lead qualification below for more information on creating a winning sales pipeline:


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