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Make Every Outbound Call Successful With an On-Demand Sales Call Platform

Jessica Taggart

You need to make outbound calls, but what are your options? You can build an internal team, build a virtual team, or use an on-demand sales call platform.

In this post, we’ll explain how the latter (on-demand) can help you optimize your outbound calls with scalability (add agents to meet any deadline), speed (have your campaign up and running quickly), and happy agents calling your customers. Let’s break it down.

 On-demand Sales Call Platform

Campaign Structure - Perfect Pitch, Optimized Conversations 

Remember that you want your outbound call campaign to launch as quickly and easily as possible, but without sacrifizing personalization. Traditional call centers are used to make large volume of phone calls, but in order to do that, their agents need to follow the same general script. When you use an on-demand sales call platform that leverages lead intelligence and marketing principles to build the right message, you are able to have relevant conversations with your prospects. 

Having a sales call platform that analyzes aggregate call data, empower your sales and marketing teams to identify decision makers, optimize call times, cadence, wording, and many other sales signals to ensure your message is sent out at the best time and to the best targets to maximize connections and conversions. 

Scalability - having thousands of agents ready to make calls

Let's say you have 10,000 calls to make next month. How will you do it? You could try to make the calls in-house or build out a virtual team, but both of these options are neither scalable nor time-efficient. The in-house option puts added strain on your current employees and takes away from your core business, and building out a virtual team takes time. With an on-demand sales call platform, you can add or subtract the number of agents working on your campaign at any time to meet a deadline.

Quality of Work - Happy agents calling your customers

On-demand agents that work from home have the flexibility to choose the hours that work best for them, thus ensuring their productivity. They are only paid for the time they make calls, which motivates them to buckle down and not waste time between calls. They can work out of the comfort and quiet of their own environment, free from the distraction of noisy call centers, at the times of days they choose. They can also select the campaigns they work on that align with their interests. A happy, productive agent makes for a happy, satisfied customer, further increasing the chances of a successful call .

Choosing an on-demand sales call platform for your outbound calls affords you flexibility to scale call campaigns to any size and to meet any deadline. Without a contract, you pay for the leads you need and can rollover minutes to future campaigns. Finally, a happy, productive call force of agents that are matched to each call campaign helps ensure that each call is successful.


With the right solution, you'll make more calls that count!

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