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Quickly Grow Your Small Business’ Sales Team into a Powerful Sales Force

Bianca Rico

Quickly Grow Your Small Business' Sales Team into a Powerful Sales ForceIt’s time to scale your sales department, your current sales model has stagnated and you need to increase your sales efforts and results. Unfortunately, successfully scaling your sales department is a lot more complicated than simply throwing money at the problem. More sales reps do not automatically equate to more sales, which is why it’s important to keep the following in mind.

Don’t Skimp, Hire Incredible Sales Reps

As the experts at Salesforce suggest, higher “over qualified” sales reps when you are starting out. This doesn’t mean you have to hire someone over priced or with a flashy title, this simply means find someone scrappy and experienced who already knows how to build from the ground up. As your company is growing, you need to surround yourself with passionate and driven individuals. Your initial sales team will establish expectations and set the tone for all additional reps you add as you grow, so you want to make sure that you build up from a solid foundation.


Segment Your Sales Force

Now that you have talented reps, don’t waste their time making cold calls and prospecting. Segment your sales team so that your skilled sales reps can focus on closing deals with sales qualified leads, and delegate the prospecting, cold calls and sales qualify calls to VOIQ professional sales agents. These qualifying calls and prospecting emails can even be automated to increase the efficiency of your sales process and decrease expenditures on salaries.


Build a Consistent Outreach Strategy

Develop a big picture plan for your outbound efforts, from start to finish, and stick to it consistently. Through lead generation, first contact, follow ups, demos, and closing; your sales team should establish a process to keep the top of the lead funnel full, agree on how many touches they will execute with each lead, and know what to offer leads as they move through the sales funnel.


Get Your Sales and Marketing Departments Working Together

As a small business, your marketing and sales departments might currently consist of two people. Even still, encouraging your sales and marketing teams to work together and share information and goals will reduce redundancy, increase each department's capacity, and increase efficiency through task delegation and teamwork.


Train, Invest In, and Reward Your Reps!

Although commission bonuses can and should be used to incentivise results, you want to make sure to provide a base salary, especially as your company is growing, and not totally rely on commission based compensation. Creating a desperate sales environment is not going to help your reps reach their goals, instead, invest in training, build your reps faith in the company and the product they are selling, and celebrate the progress your business makes with the entire team.  


Interested in how automating sales calls can help you grow your sales? Request a free demo and let us show you how VOIQ can help. 

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