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How to Optimize your Sales Call Scripts to "Draw in" More Qualified Leads

Margarita Yepes

How to Optimize your Sales Call Scripts to Draw in More Qualified Leads

Having a great script is crucial for successful prospecting calls, as a script allows you to shape the way your business is perceived. Predictable Revenue author Aaron Ross says, "A successful sale comes from drawing the customer to the sale rather than  pushing them into it". This "drawing in" needs to be done at the right time and with the right language to effectively speak to each stage of the buyer's journey and guide them through their knee-jerk objections.

At VOIQ our account agents and our intelligence based call platform work together to constantly refine and optimize our customers call campaign messaging, so we understand what a script should look like to get you qualified leads. Below we share some tips every sales rep should keep in mind when planning their calls.  


Greeting - You had me at hello

You have 7 seconds. Use your prospect’s name to grab their attention. Identify yourself and your company. No need for small talk, tell them why you’re calling and get right to the point.

“Hi John, this is Kevin with VOIQ. I know you are busy so I will be brief. The reason I am calling is we help sales teams avoid wasting hours talking with unqualified leads. I’d like to ask you a few quick questions to see if what we have to offer, may be of some help to you".


Qualifying - Are we a fit?

Contrary to the belief of many salespeople, prospects want to be heard, not sold. The goal here is to understand the prospect’s situation so you can determine how your product/service can be of help.

"Are you the right person to talk about outbound sales?"
"How do you handle outbound prospecting calls?"


Handling Objections - No pain, no sale

They are the dark side of prospecting calls, but look at them as an opportunity to gather more information on your prospect or to reaffirm your solution. Here are some of them:

Can you send me more information?: Probably the prospect isn’t really interested and wants to get rid of you. Redirect the conversation by asking: 

“Definitely, what particular information are you interested in?”

Can you call me back?: Find out if the prospect is truly interested or trying to blow you off. Go ahead and ask for a specific appointment time:

“I would be happy to. What time works for you?”

I’m happy with what we have: This is hardly an objection, but you should be prepared. Explore the results they have with their current vendor and set up a meeting:  

"Glad to hear that. What is your current CAC with them? How much are you paying to hire and train your SDR’s? Allow me to learn more about your outbound challenges and goals, and show you how to save thousands of phone prospecting hours on a quick 30 minute meeting.”



When setting an appointment, make sure that it is a definite one, and not the “tomorrow is fine” scenario. You don’t want to be chasing unicorns. Schedule a meeting while you’re on the phone.

"Do you have time Tuesday or Thursday around 10 a.m. EST?"

"What’s the best email to send the calendar invite to?"

Once the script is drafted, it doesn’t end there. You need to test it out, evaluate the outcome, and modify it until you get one that really works and maximizes conversions. 


Want to build, optimize, and measure your sales script? Request a free demo below!

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