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Should you Automate your Sales Team's Prospecting Call Notes and Data Capture?

Posted by Hannah Lindstadt
on Mar 1, 2017 7:45:22 AM

Should you Automate your Prospecting Call Notes and Data Capture?As a sales leader, ensuring your team has trustworthy call notes for every prospect is crucial to ensuring they experience a personalized sales process and build a strong relationship with your company. Every member of your team should have access to centralized data and activity logs, so they know exactly where every prospect and customer is in their buyer’s journey, and have all the necessary information at their fingertips to pick up any conversation seamlessly. What actually happens is many reps end up storing critical information across sticky-notes, personal calendars, or forget to log activities entirely.

So what does that mean for your sales process? Badly organized notes or failing to keep track of prospects as they travel through your sales funnel can damage brand image and cost your team dearly, which is why it’s important to understand the reasons your reps have difficulty manually maintaining detailed prospect and customer records:

-Note taking is time consuming. No one wants to spend more time writing about their job than actually doing it.

-You can’t easily convey tone in notes. Written notes only capture a fraction of what actually transpires in a live call.

-It’s difficult to multi-task and give prospects/customers your genuine full attention while taking detailed notes.

-Distractions and interruptions are unavoidable in a busy office, and the task of writing down quality call notes must sometimes be sacrificed in order to deal with other urgencies.  

As your sales team evolves it becomes increasingly necessary to recognize manual data capture’s limitations and begin researching alternatives. One alternative is using an AI-powered call platform like VOIQ, that leverages predictive analytics and machine learning to streamline processes and redirect your team's focus back towards what really matters. Automation allows companies to move beyond simple record keeping, towards a fully optimized outbound strategy that increases in-house sales reps’ abilities exponentially.

Using VOIQ’s intelligent data capture functionality, it’s possible to capture recordings of every call, summaries of your prospects’ conversations, updated contact information, appointments scheduled, and centralize it all in your CRM. Calls made from our platform are based on analytics, which optimize your campaign strategy focusing on 50 different variables, such as:

-Optimized messaging based on aggregate data feedback.

-Perfectly timed calls powered by predictive analytics to maximize connectivity rates.

-Call cadence adjustment based on machine learning.

-Record of all call attempts, voicemails, appointments scheduled, call outcomes, etc.  

-Prospect list quality analysis.

Every prospecting and client call is an opportunity to gain valuable insight, understand their pain points, identify their needs and goals. With an intelligent data capture integration in your CRM, your team will have the necessary information they need to build strong relationships, personalize their engagement, and automatically optimize the next sales call.  


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