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The Argument in Favor of Segmentation (...In Your Outbound Prospecting!)

Hannah Lindstadt

The Argument in Favor of Segmentation ... In your Outbound Prospecting!

Don’t worry, despite our clickbait-like title, this article is a lot more informative than your first glance likely had you thinking. Segmenting your outbound strategy refers to the trend of breaking prospects into subcategories; grouping prospects according to specific demographics instead of the traditional view of prospects as one large group.It’s a hot topic in sales because it’s a strategy that is easy to implement and gets results. Sounds good? Here is our quick guide!


First, you need to do a bit of investigating and compile what you know about your current customers. Look for commonalities, research who is buying from you, and create buyer personas based on your ideal customer (as studied by a contact management reviews firm), and combine your findings with what you already know about your current customers. You can have several buyer personas, but don’t get carried away, as you want to stay focused - keeping the number under five is a must. Always try and base your personas on data and real information, and not on assumptions.


You then need to consider how your buyer personas’ differences are going to affect your outreach strategies. Which outreach strategies would each specific buyer persona most positively react to? Again, focus on what your data is telling you. Consider changing the wording and tone of your messages, analyze what the most effective times are to message the personas, and pay attention to which email sequences and call scripts are receiving a lot of interaction.


Next, you will want to begin to tailor your messages to your different buyer personas. This requires you to incorporate the insight you have gained into your prospect's pain points and build a prospecting plan for each specific group. Your outreach emails and calls should already be personalized with your contact's name and company. Segmenting allows you to take personalization a step further, and send the most effective message at the best time to resonate with your specific, segmented prospects.


Looking for more information on how to improve your sales strategy? Check out our free ebook that discusses segmenting your sales team!

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