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The Perfect Automation Tools to Take You Into the Future of Outbound Sales!

Hannah Lindstadt

VOIQ The Perfect Tools to Take You Into the Future of Outbound Sales!

“A problem well stated is a problem half solved.” - Charles Kettering

You know what your problems are, and according to Charles Kettering, this means you are halfway towards finding the solutions to your problems. In our current technotopia, these solutions are often at our fingertips. Unfortunately,  today’s pace of technological innovation can leave even the most forward thinking business strategists feeling lost in a sea of endless new possibilities, which is why we decided to share our insights and compile a list of our favorite tools for optimizing and automating outbound sales.


1. PROBLEM:  Need Quality Leads but Have Nowhere to Find Them

So, you don’t have a steady flow of leads, you have not yet built a contact database with reliable e-mail and phone number data, or your sales reps are spending too much time acquiring leads, and often those leads are not qualified.


SOLUTION: Find a Great Lead Generation Platform

Lead generation platforms allow you to research and target potential customers, compile reliable contact information and build data driven, verified lead lists. Our two favorites: LeadGenius or Datanyze.


2. PROBLEM: Need to Reach a Wider Audience, but with the Right Message

Your sales and marketing team is spending too much time sending email after email without a way to track results. They keep forgetting to follow up with all of their leads, and don’t have enough time to personalize each email they send while trying to reach a wide audience.


SOLUTION: Automate Targeted Emails

Email automation software allows you to email entire contact lists and program email sequences that will automatically send follow ups based on specific triggers, and it connects directly to your inbox so you can easily manage responses. You’ll be able to measure open, conversion and bounce rates, which can then be used to direct your sales and marketing focus, as well as monitor what is working and what needs to be changed. Our favorites:: Mailchimp  or Outreach.io


3. PROBLEM: Need to Scale Outbound Calling, Without Adding Headcount

You need to scale your outbound calling reach and efficiency, but you don’t have enough sales representatives, and hiring and training new sales reps takes time and isn’t cheap. You can’t afford to have your sales reps waste hours making calls and talking with unqualified leads, and often your team gives up after the 2nd call attempt, when it takes 7 touches to generate a sales lead.


SOLUTION: Automate Outbound Calling From Your CRM

Using an automated outbound calling service allows you to seamlessly scale up and down your outbound salesforce by tapping into a network of professional sales agents, trained in outbound sales prospecting. These agents call, pre-qualify your leads, and set appointments for you, so your team can focus on giving demos and opening accounts. VOIQ is changing the landscape of outbound calling and integrates with your CRM and your favorite sales applications.


4. PROBLEM:  Need to Customize Data, but in One Platform

You need a convenient way to analyze the results of your sales and marketing outreach. You may be collecting data through many channels, but it is all spread out across different platforms and it’s difficult to gain real insight into what is working and what isn’t.  


SOLUTION: Organize Sales Analytics in One Place

Real-time data is critical for monitoring progress and gaining insight into your team’s performance. Incorporating  sales analytics and consolidating your multiple channels of data monitoring into a single platform will allow you to see the big picture and encourage decision making based on actual data, not assumptions. Our favorite: InsightSquared


The high performance sales teams of the future will need to learn how to intelligently use automation to increase productivity and efficiency. All the above mentioned tools  target different stages across different phases of the sales process (finding leads, sending emails and sales calls, monitoring, etc). Today, thanks to APIs you can find all of our suggested tools directly in your CRM, including VOIQ, so your team won't ever need to leave their CRM or skip a beat!


Interested in learning more about automating lead qualification? Check out our Best-Practices E-Book!

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