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The Top 3 Prospecting Challenges and How Automation Can Overcome Them

Posted by Margarita Yepes
on Jan 17, 2017 7:06:03 AM

The Top 3 Biggest Prospecting Challenges And How Automation Can Help Overcome Them

In the sales and marketing arena, you live and die by your data and market insight, which is why we were so excited to review Richardson's recently released data-driven and insight-filled study. For the 2016 Selling Challenges Study, Richardson surveyed over 400 sales reps and sales leaders, with the aim of uncovering the selling challenges they foresee in the coming year. Below, we decided to highlight the top three prospecting challenges the study revealed and share how stepping into the future and automating prospecting with VOIQ can help your reps overcoming these challenges and ensure a successful sales year for 2017.


The Top 3 Sales Challenges for 2017 and Automation Tips:

1. Identifying Sales Signals

What’s The Challenge?

With Today’s customers more informed than ever before (due to personal research and freely available product information) it’s increasingly difficult to identify selling points that buyers will react to, and identify interest.

Automation Tip-

Automated exploratory calls can be used to discover what your prospects think about your offer. Building sales strategies based on real feedback from your prospective clients is much more effective than building offers based on assumptions. With VOIQ, you can view aggregate answers to targeted survey questions, read detailed call notes, and listen to each call to discover your leads actual pain points.


2. Identifying Target Accounts

What’s The Challenge?

Sales reps have limited time and can’t waste it reaching out and nurturing leads that are not a good fit or have low potential for becoming clients. The issue is how to identify those target accounts.

Automation Tip-

Automating qualifying calls or “discovery calls” allows companies to apply a filter to help identify interested and qualified leads. This filter also collects valuable information, with each interested and disinterested lead contacted you gain key insights into the effectiveness of your sales strategy. VOIQ’s key funnel metrics and data collected help companies pinpoint their interested customers so sales reps know exactly where to focus their energy.


3. Qualifying Prospects

What’s The Challenge?

Inboxes are saturated with marketing content, and calling leads enough times to actually get them on the phone takes a lot of time. It is very difficult to get your leads to answer any outreach or qualifying questions to discover if they are a targeted account.

Automation Tip-

Sales reps should not be spending the majority of their time hitting the redial button and filling their work space with follow-up call reminder sticky notes. Automating prospecting calls with VOIQ establishes a team of professional sales agents to work on-demand - calling leads persistently and at the optimal times to increase connectivity rates and appointments scheduled. This in turn frees up the time sales reps previously dedicated to calling so that their focus can return to closing deals.


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