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VOIQ Integration With HubSpot

Hannah Lindstadt

Image001-p1b82dos8o1llj1j3j161g60q19l7.pngWe're excited to announce that VOIQ for HubSpot is live! Our new integration with the top performing sales and marketing CRM means that now your sales reps can get up to 2 hours back on their workdayto focus on hot deals, while ALL of your sales prospecting calls get done and improve by up to 40%!  It’s now easier than ever to take advantage of VOIQ on-demand brand representatives, automate your priming sales calls, and revolutionize your prospecting process!


Top features of the new integration:

  • Have your leads called at the right time, with the right messaging to prime them for the sale 
  • Have your leads called and qualified as soon as they interact with your site and content
  • Thread calls into your email and social marketing outreach
  • Access the recordings of all calls made to gain insights on your customers
  • Track and optimize your buyer's journey with call activity histories 
  • Receive scheduled appointments with qualified leads delivered to your calendar

Follow the link to set up the VOIQ integration for HubSpotIt's as easy as:

1. Connect VOIQ to your HubSpot CRM or Marketing platform

2. Assign your leads to the call campaigns of your choice by clicking the "VOIQ Calls for Me" button. 

3. Track the status of your leads' progress throughout your call campaigns. 



Don't have a VOIQ account yet? Get more information about VOIQ by following the link below and scheduling a demo call with our campaign managers. 

Request a Demo


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