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5 Strategies to Generate Warm Leads and Improve Your Outbound Marketing

Hannah Lindstadt


Improving your outbound results can be a tricky task. There aren't many people who jump for joy at the thought of picking up the phone and cold calling strangers to start conversations about their company, and its with good reason. Reaching out to cold leads involves contacting a lot of uninterested people that aren't even a good fit for your company. But organizations without an established brand presence can’t sit back and hope that customers will magically wander onto their fledgling websites and be compelled to buy their services. So what is the alternative to cold calling?

Warm prospecting is the proactive outbound sales strategy that allows companies to actively seek out leads and qualify prospects who have already flagged themselves as interested in their products or services, and its seeing impressive results. Check out the 5 simple ways to generate warm leads below and how to improve your outbound strategy to ensure you are not missing out on your warm prospect opportunities.


How to generate warm leads:

  1. Create segmented email campaigns that share relevant content with targeted groups of prospects. Share content that addresses common pain point and starts conversations. Make sure to monitor all opens, CTA clicks, and replies to identify the most interested prospects.
  2. Use analytics to turn your website traffic into leads. Use a platform like Whoisvisiting to track your website visitor data and collect their email addresses. Leads that have viewed multiple pieces of content but have not requested a demo are warm leads
  3. Create content on your website that requires visitors to enter their email address to download a guide, infographic or ebook, and capture their email address.
  4. Prospect companies that would be a good fit on LinkedIn and other social media and directories, and connect with their profile.
  5. Openly ask for referrals from your current customers and mention the common connection when you reach out in an email.

From monitoring the reactions of the above warm lead generation strategies, you will be able to gauge the level of interest of each prospect and react accordingly. Now that you have warm leads, the next step to increasing your outbound reach is following-up.

Warm prospecting calls are a great "First touch" to reach out to your warm leads with the highest possibility of being interested in what you have to offer.  Follow-up with a warm prospecting call to all leads that open your emails, click CTAs, visit your website, enter their emails to download content, or request more information. By developing a warm prospecting call strategy that reaches out to your warm leads with targeted messaging, you increase your sales reps’ focus towards the best suited prospects and ensures your outbound efforts aren't getting wasted on uninterested leads.


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