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What KPIs Can Tell You About Your Outbound Contact Lists and How to Improve Them!

Hannah Lindstadt

What KPIs Can Tell You About Your Outbound Contact Lists and How to Improve Them
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are powerful analytics tools VOIQ automatically incorporates into your VOIQ or CRM dashboard once you initiate a call campaign. But what is all this colorful data really telling you and how can you use this information to improve your processes and obtain the results you want to see in your next campaign? We decided to explain a few of VOIQ’s KPIs by outlining ideal call campaign situations, and sharing some tips on how to maximize each KPIs results for those less than ideal scenarios, through strategic optimization.

 Connection Rate

A high connection rate indicates that your calls are reaching your intended contacts, the phone numbers are working and have up-to-date contact information. You have ample opportunities to connect and get your message out to your intended audience.

 Low Connection Rate? How to Improve:

  • Check the source of your contact list and reflect. If the numbers aren’t reliable should you outsource lead generation? If you are already outsourcing, should you change providers? 
  • Research your industry's expected connectivity rate and make sure you have set achievable expectations.

MQL Conversion Rate

The MQL conversion rate is one of the KPI most directly tied to closing deals and profits. A high conversion rate indicates that a large portion of your contact list responded with interest and requested additional information about the product or service.  

 Low Conversion Rate? How to improve:

  • Investigate the specific push backs of your clients, is there a high performing competitor? Are they happy with their current vendor? What can you offer that they don’t? How can your script be reworked to highlight your value?
  • Check your Decision Maker KPI score, are you reaching the right people? Are you contacting with the person in the company who is capable of converting to your service or product?


Appointments Scheduled Rate

A high appointment schedule rate means that your lead list is filled with interested contacts who are willing to schedule demos, schedule follow up calls, or want to be added to an email mailing list. VOIQ’s sales agents are directly scheduling appointments for you in your google calendar and your receiving lots of interested leads.

 Low Appointments Scheduled Rate? How to Improve:

  • Shorten your script/survey. If you ask for too much information that the leads are not willing to divulge, you may fatigue your leads. 
  • Rethink your pitch, messaging or proposition.  Focus on presenting your value early on to catch your leads attention before they “zone out”.
  • Rethink your lead demographic. Your current contacts have a lot of valid pushbacks listen, re-strategize, and possibly re-target  for a different audience.


Script Feedback

VOIQ monitors agent calls and collects information on how leads react to your script, identifying common push backs and identifying what messages resonate with your specific demographic. If you have all positive comments, obviously you have perfected your message and can keep using the script that is working well.

 Lots of Script Feedback? How to Improve:

  • Rework the script keeping the following questions in mind: Do the people you contact understand your service/product/value? Are you using overly technical language? Is your script adapted to your audience? (It’s a very different thing to talk to sales reps than to CEOs)
  • Adapt to their common pushbacks. Do the people you contact have a similar concern with your product or push back point that your current script is not currently optimized to address? Brainstorm a response and take care of their concerns in the next qualifying call script.

Interested in reading more about KPIs and metrics? Download our free ebook and discover the key benchmarks and metrics your buiness needs to know for success!

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