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10 Ways AI VoiceBots Power Up Your Sales and Marketing Efforts

Juliana Zuluaga

A high rate of no shows leads to decreased motivation and unmet sales goals. We’ve talked before about ways to get your prospects to show up to a demo, highlighting a consistent follow-up system of emails and calls. You could have your team organize an email/call combo, as long as you don’t have many appointments to set. However, at scale,  you would need someone to be exclusively dedicated to following up with prospects. This will expand at the same rate as your company does, increasing your Sales team and costs, without need.

The answer to this problem is Automation by using AI Voicebots.

Bots are not a new thing in the tech world. Big players like Slack and Drift have built  sophisticated chatbots, allowing users to interact and communicate with bots in real time, which in turn reduces time spent in everyday tasks like setting reminders, scheduling appointments, and monitoring website activity.

Voicebots take this to the next level. Thanks to recent developments in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning, having a full-on conversation with a bot is not as far away as we once thought. By using Conversational User Interface (UI), a VoiceBot can understand and easily communicate with a person about a particular subject without being restricted by scripted scenarios or pre-recorded messages. In fact, recent announcements by Amazon and Google show us how complex these voice tasks have become. The most recent launch of the Echo Show, brings Alexa to the screens, mixing the well known voice tasks with visual cues and aids. Google, showed us a whole new level of sophistication with Duplex, an AI that managed to carry out a full phone call and schedule an appointment.

Duplex takes us to a new era of business development. The voice channel is still the most used in interactions with customers, representing about 70% of total traffic volumes - yet not much has been done to improve or radically change how we carry out phone calls, historically exclusively made by people. When you start scaling up, automation becomes a necessity to organize a high volume of leads and properly qualify each one. We're starting to see more advanced human-to-bot interactions in complex conversations, like the ones carried out in prospecting/sales calls, hinting at AI VoiceBots managing various revenue generating tasks.

AI VoiceBots - or your sales team’s own AI Sales Assistant - take care of time-consuming tasks, such as scheduling meetings, reminding leads of an upcoming demo, helping clients make a payment, or prospecting a lead over the phone. When email automation alone is not enough, an AI Sales Assistant ensures no leads fall through the cracks, helping sales and marketing teams focus on delivering the best prospect and customer experience.  

Here are 10 ways you can integrate a VoiceBot into your Sales and Marketing efforts.

1. Prospect leads and schedule meetings

You can use a VoiceBot to carry out prospecting calls. Build your script/qualification questions and let your AI Sales Assistant take care of the rest. When the VoiceBot is done you will know who is ready to get a demo of your product/service and who needs more nurturing. Your team can focus exclusively on scheduled demos, leveraging your VoiceBot to handle the tasks for leads in other stages of your pipeline.

2. Appointment Confirmations/Reminders

No-shows can be discouraging, and many times your leads don’t show up because they simply forgot they had scheduled a meeting. This only increases when you book appointments more than 1 week out. Your leads need to remember your company - and yes emails are great, but a real-time phone call is better. Have a Voicebot carry out confirmation and reminder calls, they can be as many as you want and you will always know in advance if your lead will show up.

3. Reschedule Appointments

So, your VoiceBot called to remind your leads of an appointment but they can’t make it. Let your VoiceBot reschedule the appointment immediately. The VoiceBot checks your calendar availability and reschedules the meeting automatically, and you’ll see the updated meeting in your calendar

4. Follow up on prospects after ebook/content download

Get in touch with your Inbound leads as soon as they engage with your website/content. Have a Bot call immediately and get as much information about your lead’s interests and needs as possible.

5. Promote a new product

You are launching a new version of your product and need to get the word out. You can build a simple Workflow/sequence that includes an email/call combo, and the VoiceBot will carry out a simple and straightforward call that allows you to warm your leads and start qualifying them.

6. Event invitation/promotion

Drive more engagement and attendance to your events. With a simple call, you can give your leads more information about the event, venue and even track RSVPs, the Bot will give you live call reports.

7. Collections/Payments

Use a VoiceBot when you have a number of pending payments. Your AI Assistant can reach out to your customers and inform them about overdue bills or upcoming payments. Schedule as many calls as needed and monitor your payments; have an Account Executive step in when it’s absolutely necessary.

8. Surveys and Customer Reviews

Use a VoiceBot for your Survey and Customer Review calls, whether you need to know more about the customers’ use of your product or their overall rating.

9. Custom Branded Messages 

Spread the word! Have different VoiceBots reach your prospects with custom messages such as new product recommendations, thank you messages or promotions.

10. Customer Support

Have a VoiceBot provide basic customer service and support to your clients. The Bot can quickly take care of your customer’s inquiries and provide simple solutions. If the problem cannot be solved by the AI Assistant, the conversation will be assigned to your Support Team.


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