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12 Lead Generation Sources to Build a Predictable Sales Pipeline

Margarita Yepes

12 Lead Generation Sources to Build a Predictable Sales PipelineGenerating leads is the most important part of your Sales and Marketing campaigns. After all, without any leads coming down your pipeline, you won’t have any deals to close!  There are plenty of methods for generating valuable leads, from inbound to outbound, but not all of them will fit your current marketing strategy, your budget or the characteristics of the market you’re targeting. You should test and tweak them according to your goals, to see which ones work best for your product or service.

Below are some of the major lead sources you can use. Just make sure to provide your leads with enough value and information to get them organically interested in your brand and into the path of purchase:

• Word of Mouth: This is by far the most powerful weapon for your Marketing team, as nothing drives more customers to your product or service than a legitimate recommendation from someone they trust. Make sure to track your incoming leads through your website demo/sign-up forms.

Integrations: Partnering with another SaaS company on a product integration is a win-win. You can bring added value to your customers and leverage both companies’ marketing programs and assets to generate qualified leads. 

• Affiliate/Referral Program: Set up a referral program where customers and partners can refer the right sales leads to your business. Learn how to build a customer referral program with these 5 tips.

• SEO: Organic traffic is essential to bring new and qualified visitors to your website by matching your website’s content to what they’re searching for. To improve your SEO and your ranking in Google, you must research and select the most relevant keywords for your business, ask your leads how they found you and what they are looking to solve, and most importantly, always provide quality content.

• Webinars: Webinars are the best way to share your expertise on a subject, and because of their perceived value, people are more willing to give their information in exchange. Promote your webinars through email and social media, and follow-up after with the replay, social proof and related content. 

• Social Media: It’s usually more for the Awareness stage (content promotion), but it’s also a great tool to connect with potential customers, build up your network, find leaders in your industry, learn about your leads’ interests, and interact with them.

• Content Marketing: Content is the foundation of your lead generation efforts. It is through content (blogs, guest blogs, ebooks, case studies, templates, etc.) that you can educate and guide your leads into finding the right solution to their problems. Make sure to optimize your website around your content and your product value. Measure your lead conversion rate through views, submissions, calls-to-action clicks, and campaign performance.

• Email Marketing: After phone calls, emails are the best way to start a conversation with your leads. Segment emails based on your buyer personas and the stage they are in the sales cycle to ensure you’re targeting them with the right content, at the right time. Closely follow your email performance by tracking opens, clicks, replies, push-backs, content-focused feedback, etc.

• Digital Advertising: A paid search strategy has the power to complement and enhance your organic search performance, improve your ranking in search engines and maximize your brand visibility to your target audience. You can cater your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign to your budget, and you can leverage it to measure your keywords, clicks and landing page content engagement.  

• Events: They are the perfect opportunity to present your brand or product as something relatable to your leads. Generate meetings and pre-event excitement with an event marketing campaign to start measuring lead activity. Encourage your leads to meet in person at the event and then nurture the relationship with relevant content and insights after it.

• PR: Issuing press releases, or editorial coverage optimizes your website traffic with powerful referral links, and can boost brand awareness and overall credibility.  Leverage your media coverage through your sales collaterals, marketing newsletters, and social media posts to further extend your reach.

• Prospecting/Qualification Calls: Outbound calling remains the most effective way to prime, qualify and set up appointments with the right decision makers. It is even more powerful when threaded together with your other marketing channels like email and social media. It is crucial for building lasting sales relationships with your leads and guiding them through the buyer’s journey. It also provides you with real-time feedback from your leads and customers as no other channel can, equipping your sales team with the insights necessary to close the sale.

Which sources are currently bringing you more high quality leads? Get in touch with our account specialists to guide you through the process of prospecting your sourced leads.

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