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3 Keys to Optimizing Your Political Campaign: Gathering Volunteers, Funds, and Voters

Ricardo Garcia-Amaya

The most difficult aspect of the outreach effort in a political campaign is recruiting and organizing volunteers to knock on doors and/or make calls. For the latter, you may have a dozen or more volunteers crammed into an office making calls from multiple phone lines. Or, maybe you are using online software to streamline your efforts. Either way, making calls is a very expensive, labor intensive and  a non-scalable task  for garnering candidate support.  An on-demand call application can make this yesterday’s problem.

In this post, we’ll break down the campaigning process into three key areas:

  • Fundraising
  • Recruiting volunteers
  • Get Out the Vote (GOTV)

In each section, we’ll offer tips on how to optimize your political campaign and explain why and how  you can leverage an on-demand call application and thousands of live agents that come with it to give your campaign an edge over the competition.

VOIQ 3 Keys to Optimizing Your Political Campaign: Gathering Volunt

1. Optimize Fundraising - Making strong connections requires persistence!

Political fundraising has historically involved the candidate himself and/or a few people, dedicated to making calls. Traditionally, this ties down the most critical figures in the campaign around a phone. But even before engaging donors, candidates need to learn of the top issues on donors and voters minds through polls. This pre-qualification will inform you on whom you need to get on the phone and what key issues you will be needing to address.

Ex. You poll and find out that 70% of the city’s democratic middle-aged women voters want safer drinking water, so you address this issue when calling these people.

Aaron Ross, the author of the book Predictable Revenue and expert fundraiser, emphasizes the importance of prospecting every single day — otherwise, you are not going to reach your long-term fundraising goals. Furthermore, as top US fundraising consultant Amy Eisenstein suggests, you need to make at least two additional calls to the donor to make sure that you have established a strong connection.

That’s a lot of calls, which takes time and manpower. With an on-demand call app, launching a call campaign is quick and easy. You can simply go to the site, click to create the campaign, build your script, upload your contact list, and that’s it — you will have hundreds of professional call agents making your calls! This method is also scalable, as you can add or subtract the number of agents working on your campaign at any time to meet a deadline.

2. Recruit Volunteers - All hands on deck!

The traditional way to recruit volunteers to make calls for your political campaign involves:

  • Printing out phone numbers of the people you have to call
  • Taking the time to train volunteers
  • Using a number of phone lines
  • Dialing manually

Needless to say, this can be a difficult and lengthy process, as it lacks scalability and is extremely time consuming. In this stage, you’ll have to focus on pre-qualifying people based on 1) if they have voted before, 2) if they belong to your party and if the have volunteered before.. Once you’ve determined which people you should spend time calling and what exactly you should say to them, get them on the phone!

Luckily, these calls can be made easier with an on-demand call app (then, you won’t have to recruit  hundreds of volunteers to recruit hundreds of volunteers!). This method allows you to leverage a call force of agents that can even be matched to contacts by commonalities, including location.

Ex. If one of your contacts is a soccer mom in Santa Fe, NM, for example, the call will be automatically assigned to a fellow soccer mom in Santa Fe, NM.

When local people are calling, there’s a greater chance of building a rapport, as well as trust.

3. GOTV - Don’t remind just hundreds; remind tens of thousands to get out to VOTE!

It’s crucial that you’re encouraging and reminding people to go out and vote during your campaign. Get Out the Vote (GOTV) serves the purpose of making voting easier for your supporters and top-of-mind. For instance, you can help people plan out their transportation to go vote or call people on their cell phones to remind them.

Using an on-demand call app allows you to have hundreds of call agents make a lot of calls across a wide range of demographics — and, again, it’s possible to make, say, 1,000 calls a minute if need be. You can easily upload your call list and quickly send out reminders for people to vote.

So, is your campaign ready? If you’re focusing on how to best optimize your fundraising, recruiting, and voting efforts with the most scalable, mobile solution at hand, then your campaign is set to position you above the rest!

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