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4 Key Areas to Consider When Developing Your Outbound Strategy

Margarita Yepes

4 Key Areas To Consider When Developing Your Outbound Strategy

Imagine you are running a marathon, crowds of people gather by the race to cheer you and the other runners on. Random strangers reach out and give you high fives as you pass by, but one person shouts your name, hands you a drink, runs alongside you, tells you exactly how much further you have to go, and is waiting for you at the finish line with a granola bar and congratulations. Care to make a guess as to which random crowd member will feel more significant and be remembered?It’s important to keep in mind that not all interactions with random strangers are viewed similarly by your prospects. Outbound marketing has unjustly gained a bad reputation because many outbound strategies are poorly executed. This is why it is critical to ask yourself the below key questions and build an effective outbound strategy, in order to stand out above the crowd, be memorable and get your message heard!

1. How many times will your sales reps contact a lead?

The number of attempts your sales reps will make contact with each lead should be established and committed to. As outbound outreach means you are contacting people with little or no knowledge of your company, you should assume that they will need several points of contact in order to convert. A ratio of 3 calls, 2 emails is considered by many to be a good base to start from, although different industries may have different standards (always try and back up your assumptions with industry specific data).

2. How should you reach out?

It is a dangerous misconception that outbound marketing is code word for email spamming. In reality, an effective outbound strategy should hold no resemblance to the obnoxious practice of flooding anonymous Inbox garbage bins with “clickbait” emails. Outbound should vary between emails and phone calls, and whenever possible it should be targeted. Picking up the phone is integral to humanizing the sales agent. Also be sure to create a landing page to embed in the outbound emails so the clients can get more information about your company, be directed to an online content offer or some other type of product or service incentive.

3. When and how often should you contact your leads?

The cadence of your communication and points of contact is one of the most important factors involved in deciding whether or not your message is heard. As mentioned in the first point, contact should be made numerous times, and should span a period of several days. Consistency and persistence are extremely important. Research has shown that connection rates increase as the day, week and month advances, meaning it’s best to plan your contact towards the end of each of those time frames. Specifically between the hours of 3pm and 5pm, on Wednesday and Thursday (No one wants to do anything on Friday…) and focusing the days leading up to the end of the month.

4. What should your outbound message be?

Ask yourself how you can demonstrate your value to your prospects. Offer incentives, information, and listen to their needs. Regardless of if the communication is written or over the phone, make sure your message focuses on positive potential outcomes, whenever possible personalizing your outreach, and researching your audience before engaging.

The answer to each question will vary due to variations within different industries and demographics. Track all this data on a great CRM to streamline the process of analysis. Pay close attention to what works and what doesn’t for your specific goals. When are people responding? To what types of messages? Vary when you send things, what you are sending, and focus on adopting practices that work best for your specific audience. An effective outbound strategy will be constantly changing and adjusting as a result of new insight gleamed from continually monitoring the effectiveness of the strategy.

Now that you are well on your way to building an effective outbound strategy, request a free demo of VOIQ and increase the number of qualified leads straight from your CRM.

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