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5 KPIs That Can Make or Break a Sales Campaign: Improving Performance With an On-Demand Platform

Bianca Rico

So you need to make outbound sales calls but have no internal team to take care of it. What are your options?

  1. Build an internal team
  2. Hire an outdated call center
  3. Use a modern on-demand call center app

Options 1 and 2 are costly, and inefficient uses of resources. Option 3 automates everything for you and allows for flexibility, scalability, low-cost. No matter which option you choose, you will need to measure the impact/success of your sales performance with KPIs. According to the Sales Acceleration Formula, you should “use metrics to diagnose which skill development area will have the biggest impact on a salesperson’s performance”.  

Here are the top 5 KPIs we’ve identified as must-haves for an outbound call campaign:

VOIQ 5 KPIs That Can Make or Break a Sales Campaign: Improving Performance With an On-Demand Platform

1. Sales Per Hour (SPH) - Time is gold

Sales Per Hour is the number of sales divided by the number of hours worked. For example:

If call agent Jane works for 10 hours and makes 10 sales within that time frame, her SPH is 1.0.

If you’re qualifying leads in your call campaign, this KPI would represent how many leads you qualify per hour, helping you message how successfully your salespeople are at closing. With an on-demand platform, you can  track and measure the performance of call agents in real-time through a dashboard, automatically maximizing the call agents’ activity. In turn, this increases your number of sales, which ultimately is the goal of any sales campaign.

2. Conversion Rate - Taking the bait

The Conversion Rate represents the amount of unique conversations it takes you to convert to a sale. For example:

If Mark speaks to 100 people and makes 30 sales, his conversion rate is 30%.

Knowing your conversion rate helps you understand how successful you are at converting sales. A low conversion rate could be caused by a poorly written script or a weak sales tactic. An on-demand platform allows you to easily pause your campaign at any time to tweak your pitch and improve your approach to boost to convert more sales.

3. Average Talk Time - Get to the point

The amount of time it takes an agent to speak on calls is the Average Talk Time. Having this key data point helps you better train your call force into having more productive conversations, speak to more people, and be able to focus on client needs first and foremost.

As an added bonus if you choose to work with an on-demand call center app, they will automatically calculate the ATT from the script length. From there, they are able to identify the top performing agents, assigning them to specific campaigns, further increasing their effectiveness. Every second counts, and tracking Average Talk Time will speed up your efficacy.

4. Average Wrap Up Time - No slacking

Average Wrap Up Time, or After Call Work, tracks how much time agents take in between calls — and how productive your sales team is. This KPI doesn’t necessarily apply to on-demand call agents because they can choose to work when they want to, which enhances productivity. While agents in traditional call centers may be wasting time in between calls, on-demand workers are only paid for the time they spend making sales calls.

5. QA Score - The A-list

The Quality Assurance (QA) Score is the number of points out of 100 that a call recording is evaluated on (100 being the best score.). The purpose of this KPI is to coach agents on the areas that need improvement, such as closing style, tone, and presenting appropriate product/service benefits . Additionally, it provides you with valuable insights into agent performance, script performance, and customer feedback. With an on-demand platform, you can automatically optimize your campaign script and approach based off of key findings through call recording scoring and evaluation, constantly improving upon your sales approach and driving more sales.

Measuring these 5 KPIs will help you consistently track, measure and improve sales performance, leading to a stronger sales strategy and higher conversion rates.

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