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5 Short Sighted Marketing Mistakes that Limit Growth and How to Avoid Them

Hannah Lindstadt

5 Short Sighted Marketing Mistakes that Limit Growth and How to Avoid ThemDeveloping marketing strategies and explaining their subsequent success or failure can sometimes feel a bit like trying to predict what color of shirt your coworker will wear to work tomorrow… Why’s Carol wearing purpleinstead of the predicted grey today? She just is! Can we leave it at that? Unfortunately as marketers, we can’t leave it at that, we have to A/B test ourselves dizzy because our clients rely on us to interpret, predict, and explain the subtle and unpredictable behaviors of their prospects.

While we all struggle with the existential challenges inherent in the industry, it’s important your marketing agency doesn’t lose sight of the big picture and stumble into the common short sighted mistakes of agencies destined to stagnant. Growth-focused marketing agencies must keep their pulse on technological innovations and be flexible enough to quickly adopt best practices and abandon old habits that aren’t delivering ROI.   

At VOIQ, it helps us sleep at night to think that as a result of our 2M investment hiring the top experts in sales and marketing, we can now share with our peers and customers our hard earned insights and the best marketing stack tools. In that spirit, below we share the top 5 common marketing agency mistakes so you can avoid learning these lessons the hard way!

dont-sign-hi.png1. Don’t Avoid Outsourcing!

It’s natural to want to build a strong in-house team and feel like your agency is self sufficient, but ballooning staff salaries and hiring overly specialized team members is sighted as one of the major problems many marketing agencies face as they try to scale. Today’s freelance culture makes it absolutely unnecessary to overcommit to staff while you discover your core client demographic. If your agency wins an account that requires an expert in some niche area, instead of onboarding an expert, outsource the job with Upwork or Freelancer until you’re sure there is enough demand to justify an internal hire.

dont-sign-hi.png2. Don’t Forget Outbound Marketing!

All too often Marketing agencies get busy building brand image or creating content, that they don’t develop a serious outbound strategy to go after big accounts and draw in prospects. 95% of buyers reported preferring to purchase from the sales rep that offers content for each stage of the buyer's journey. Growth-focused companies (yourself and your clients) need to develop a blended inbound and outbound strategy that proactively reaches out to potential customers through multiple channels of communication and shares targeted content. Implementing an “all-bound” approach will help you establish a more predictable flow of quality leads and revenue.

dont-sign-hi.png3. Don’t Waste Time on Manual Reporting!

You know those tasks that you put off doing because they are tedious and repetitive and you hate doing them? They’re often the jobs that should be automated. Don’t waste your time manually putting reports together and tracking the progress of your clients campaigns. Platforms like Raven or Databox allow marketers to effortlessly create beautiful reports in minutes, and allow marketers to recapture hours of their day to work on their more important tasks.

dont-sign-hi.png4. Don’t Avoid Partnering with Other Agencies!

This goes along with the earlier point about outsourcing… You don’t have to be capable of working in every niche. Partner with other specialized agencies and develop an incentivised mutual referrals system, that ensures you always have a solution to offer your clients, without burdening the cost of maintaining in-house specialists. Large accounts are increasingly hiring several marketing agencies to handle specific functions of their marketing stack.  It’s important for agencies to embrace the new landscape and set up finder fee systems and mutual promotion to ensure they leverage the potential benefits.

dont-sign-hi.png5. Don’t Leave Your Clients to Fend for Themselves When Training Their Staff!

You’re painfully aware of the fact that you have a much happier client if that client converts more leads thanks to your agency. But what if you notice big problems in their internal sales team while you’re developing their killer marketing strategy? If you find your client is lacking the manpower or skills to close the leads you bring them, don’t wish them luck and hope for the best.

Offer trainings, automation, or outsourcing alternatives to help them respond in real time, scale their customer interactions, and gracefully handle the increased traffic they will receive as a result of your marketing efforts. The last thing you want is to find out you’re marketing team has been driving interested leads to busy phone lines or that your client is sitting on mountains of “follow-up with lead” reminders, but lacking the necessary staff or knowhow to reach out while the leads are warm. Sharing insight and improving your clients conversion rates can dramatically increase your agencies value add to your clients.


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