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6 Industries that would benefit the most from VoiceBots

Tasha Sandoval

VoiceBot technology is driving efficiency and growth across industries. These are the fields where VoiceBots like VOIQ can have the most influence.

AI makes data collection, efficiency, personalization, task automation, relationship-building, and customer engagement easier for businesses and organizations across several industries. Real estate, HR & staffing, finance, higher education, insurance, and healthcare are all starting to use AI and are the six industries that most stand to benefit from VoiceBot technology. 

Real Estate


Real Estate agents spend a lot of their valuable time making outbound calls to schedule in-person meetings and follow up about listings. With AI, agents can clone their voices and have VOIQ VoiceBots make these calls for them, saving them time so they can focus on closing more deals. Other conversational AI can also help guide customers through the entire real estate process, from shuffling through listings to receiving automatic alerts when a new listing appears that meets their preferences. AI can even help both the agent and the customer streamline the closing process.

HR & Staffing


HR & staffing is a fast-growing 15 billion-dollar-a-year industry. It can also be a tricky field in which unconscious bias and internal connections can sway the staffing process. AI can help control this with blind hiring, where a company can hire an employee without any potential discrimination getting in the way of the recruitment process. VOIQ VoiceBots could help HR be more efficient by making outbound calls to prospective applicants, applicants, and prospective hires. 



AI is already having a massive impact on our everyday finances, from online banking to personal spending apps. VoiceBots can be brought to the fold through financial advising. Financial advisors, much like real estate agents, could clone their voices and program AI VoiceBots to make outbound advisory calls to their clients. 

Higher Education 


The US has more institutions of higher education than any other country in the West, with over 5,300 different colleges and universities. The result is that aspiring college students have so many to choose from and may need help throughout the complex college research and application process. VoiceBot technology can be used during the application process to make outbound calls to prospective students and applicants, a task that can take a lot of time and resources away from other major university initiatives. VoiceBots can also play a role in a student's college experience by carrying out conversational course assessments with students. 



According to Chatbots journal, "The insurance sector is one of the most data-intensive sectors." Because data corruption has been a problem in the insurance industry, AI could stand to have a more favorable regulatory effect. AI voice could also give the insurance industry a competitive advantage, helping companies deal with high volumes, which often take place after a natural disaster or other large-scale incidents. VOIQ VoiceBots can also help insurance companies with sales and customer service, making outbound calls to quote premiums and offer better coverage plans. 



Healthcare is one of the most vital sectors that could stand to benefit significantly from AI voice technology. AI is already helping to streamline some medical record systems around the country. Voice assistants can be used to assist with hospital administration and even assist in medical procedures. VOIQ VoiceBots could revolutionize outbound communications to patients, personalizing administrative calls, and help nurture the doctor-patient relationship. 

VOIQ VoiceBots can bring significant benefits to a wide range of industries. It's easy to see why these industries could benefit the most from integrating VoiceBots into their marketing and sales plans. It's all about growing and improving to become more efficient, increase sales, and provide a better customer experience. 

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