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Accelerate your Sales by Integrating The Call Channel Into Your Funnel

Ricardo Garcia-Amaya

Accelerate your sales by integrating the call channel into your funnelData management companies are often the first point of contact for businesses who are looking to grow their sales funnels. It’s important that they stay up to date on new technologies to offer their customers the best data on the market. If yourcompany can offer a new technology that will improve the quality of your data, it will grow your revenue, retain customers and attract new ones. Integrating VOIQ into yourplatform is easy and the payoff is huge: you’ll change the way your company does business, from offering accurate leads to offering leads that are highly interested in your customer’s product or service. Here’s how you can wow your customers and lock in your position at the top of the data management industry:


Integrate the call channel directly into your platform and qualify leads faster than anyone else!

With the rise of Account-Based Sales Development, businesses everywhere are realizing that the best sales strategy integrates a variety of inbound and outbound channels. Adding the call channel can be forgotten in favor of other avenues, but this is a big mistake. In his book, High Profit Prospecting, Mark Hunter advocates that “the telephone will deliver results when used properly” for two main reasons: 1) informed calls offer a service to the person you’re calling and 2) the fact that phone numbers are hard to get means that they’re hard to get for your competitors as well, which presents a huge opportunity to get a leg up on them. Phone calls are also the most personal way to connect with prospects, they’re easy to incorporate and they build rapport with prospects. Furthermore, they’re a much more efficient way to prospect leads because a business can get all the information they need to qualify in one touch as opposed to the estimated seven to 13 touches. Adding VOIQ to your platform will set you apart from your competitors because you’ll promise them personalized, qualified leads faster than anyone else. Many businesses need this but they aren’t sure how to include it. You can save their business and grown your own with one integration.

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Source AND qualify to give your customers the BEST leads

Your customers depend on you for quality leads and your team works hard to provide it. The way data management companies provide leads currently is flawed. They’re providing accurate information but they’re not providing quality information. Quality information would mean that the leads you provide are actually interested in the product your customer is selling. This used to be impossible but VOIQ is changing that. When you integrate VOIQ with your platform, you can promise great leads that are accurate and up-to-date, which you’re already doing, and then you take it up a notch (or ten because no one else is doing it) and offer them qualified leads. Yup, qualified to them like they’re Goldilocks and you’re offering them the Mama bear-size of lead packages.

Create custom reports to recreate searches that work

As I mentioned before, the importance of data is proven in the way it can be manipulated and analyzed to be used for improvements. When you harness the power of VOIQ within your platform, you’ll be able to create custom reports to help your users choose better criteria for leads. You can show users which profiles, job titles, industries, business sizes, etc. qualify the most leads, earning their trust and guaranteeing that they’ll continue using your engine to source their leads. Your team can also use custom reports to determine what leads are most useful for your customers so you can focus on sourcing the leads they want into your database. This will ensure that you have the best database possible for your clients.

Trying something new doesn’t have to be a risky gamble. With proper research, consideration and experimentation, implementing a new technology into your current model is the difference between staying the same and accelerating your growth. In the particular case of data management companies, integrating VOIQ will give your customers the best leads in the market because they’ll be qualified specifically for them. The best part is that all you have to do is integrate an app and we’ll do the rest. If you’re serious about being at the top of the data management industry, you have to integrate this now before everyone else figures it out.

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