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Accelerate Your Sales With Automated Lead Generation

Jessica Taggart

Generating leads is the most important part of your sales campaign. After all, without any leads coming down your pipeline, you won’t have any deals to close! Automated lead generation can accelerate your sales process and bring in more qualified opportunities.

The only downside is that lead generation can take a long time if you’re doing it on your own. Between prospecting, nurturing leads, and determining when and how to close the deal, you can only handle manually going after so many prospects or leads on your own or with a small sales team.


This is where automation comes into play. Automating your lead generation strategy takes a lot of the grunt work out of the process, allows you to formulate a repeatable process, and gives you back more free time.

Read on to find out how to automate your lead nurturing, prospecting and lead qualification process.


Marketing Automation

Using your CRM, take care of lead nurturing by setting up automated email workflows. With these workflows, you can create a targeted cadence of emails that are sent out at just the right time, to the right people. You can set rules that enroll people to start receiving your emails when they meet certain criteria, such as filling out a form or downloading one of your ebooks, and for when they should stop receiving them - for example, if they unsubscribe.

Creating your email workflows and enrollment rules in the beginning can save you hours of manual email sending and rids you of the headache of keeping track of who to follow up with and when.

Sales Automation

Email workflows also work to automate your prospecting process. Setting up a cadence of emails with the goal of closing sales is an efficient way to get in contact with hundreds of people per week.

To do so effectively, first determine your key buyer personas, what their pain points and needs are, and how your product or service solves those issues and addresses those needs. Then, similar to your lead nurturing campaign, create a cadence of 3 to 4 emails that communicates your value proposition while encouraging your prospects to try you out.

Outbound Calling Automation

This is one of the most time-consuming, but tremendously necessary tasks throughout the sales process. Any type of phone interaction during the sales process - whether that be initial lead qualification, setting appointments, or lead handoff to sales - takes more time than the deal itself. Unlike marketing and sales automation, you can’t just whip up a batch of emails to be sent out periodically over time.

Personalized, human-to-human interaction is still the most successful way to close a deal. To automate this step of the process, consider outsourcing to a company that specializes in outbound calling. Highly trained and qualified sales agents can handle multiple times more outbound calls than you could alone, and bring in more qualified leads.

Automating your lead generation strategy is essential if you want to get more results quickly. Prospecting, nurturing, and sales handoff are all drastically improved and made easier by automation. Use the power of your CRM to automate marketing emails that nurture relationships. Email workflows can also automate your sales prospecting process and you can tap into the power of outbound sales call platforms to automate lead qualification. When used correctly, you can grow your sales while you save money that you can allocate to scale your business.

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