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Adding Conversational AI VoiceBots for Calls To My Sales Stack

Margarita Yepes

A big  question that comes up when leading a sales team is what sales tools will be the most beneficial to my team? I don’t want to clutter our workflow with unnecessary platforms, I only want to add things that will really move the needle.

Sales reps are overwhelmed with tools - that’s a fact. Email tools, chat tools, calendar tools, dialers… the list goes on. Just to schedule a sales meeting, reps have to toggle between calendars, scheduling tools, and CRMs - not to mention the initial lead gen tool.

Switching back and forth between tools makes it easy for reps to get off-task or overwhelmed. This all ends with sales productivity suffering, throwing a dagger at your sales process and yielding lower returns.

Before investing in a new tool, map out the stages of your sales process (lead generation, lead nurturing, product demo, closing) and pinpoint the activities that can be optimized with tools. This exercise allows you to understand all the channels you use for sales outreach, which can be automated, and which can’t. Phone calls is one that so many companies assume cannot be optimized.

Whether qualifying outbound prospects, following up with hot inbound leads in minutes, or nurturing post-demo to close, sales reps tend to rely heavily on automated processes - sequences, chatbots, CRM reminders, and automated email follow-up. Calling is avoided - who has time to pick up the phone for every lead coming in? Beyond that, call notes, updating the CRM, and looping in the rest of the team takes way too much precious time than leveraging email.   

Only a few platforms can manage top of the funnel volume without sacrificing the human voice, while also preventing leads from falling through the cracks. We built — and use — VOIQ for this.

A click-to-call solution, aka a sales dialer, ultimately enables reps to make 100+ dials per day. However, it just makes the process 2x easier - they still have to find the time to call.

VOIQ take on the repetitive, time-consuming sales, marketing and customer support calls off your reps hands. Our Conversational AI VoiceBots prospect-by-phone for our clients, with all call data captured on our Dashboard. Our human-sounding Bots can remind leads about an upcoming demo or event, schedule meetings, send customers payment reminders, and hundreds of other call tasks, so your team can focus on closing qualified leads and building relationships. Automation without sacrificing human connection, an extremely powerful component of Sales, is a true game changer for the modern-day sales stack.


Learn more about adding the right sales tools to your stack, including Conversational AI VoiceBots to scale and automate your sales call outreach efforts.

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