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The Year of Conversational AI VoiceBots: Human-like conversations over the phone with leads & customers  [INFOGRAPHIC]

Margarita Yepes

2020 is the year of AI VoiceBots for business. Conversational AI VoiceBots that sound, intonate, pause and breath just like a human and can have a natural conversation with a live person are changing the way companies operate.

VoiceBots are creating an opportunity for companies to talk with their leads and customers in a way that is contextual, relevant, personal, and conversational.

In the infographic below, we break down what Conversational VoiceBots are, and how businesses are using them to automate Sales, Marketing and Customer Support tasks over the phone.



Can Alexa make business calls for you?

Voice Assistants are no longer exclusive to your home and smartphone - now they can make business calls for you!

VoiceBots sound human-like and can talk with your leads and customers over the phone or have Bot-to-Bot conversations.

VoiceBots allow brands to better serve customers by automatically contacting, engaging, qualifying and following up with them via natural, personalized conversations.

Why should companies adopt AI VoiceBots?
  • 33% of businesses will use VoiceBots across Marketing, Sales and Service by 2022 [IDC].
  • 82% of customer interactions will be managed without a human by 2020 [Gartner].
  • 32% of executives say voice is the most widely used AI tech in their business [Gartner].
How are companies using VoiceBots?


  • Navigate Phone Menus (IVRs) to extract data, i.e. an invoice number or a last payment amount.
  • Collect Lead Data from IVR or human-lead call channels, or to clean up records in your CRM.

Customer Support

  • Support Ticket Follow-up check on unresponsive tickets, route clients to the right agent, update statuses.
  • Capture Customer Feedback on product and experience, measure satisfaction, conduct research & more.


  • Follow-up with 100% of Leads  as soon as they download marketing content or click on your ads.
  • Handle Inbound Calls to collect caller information, pre-qualify & transfer warm leads to a live agent.


  • Schedule Meetings in your reps' calendars with interested prospects directly from the call.
  • Automate Demo Reminders that call your leads an hour before a demo, and can reschedule on-the-fly.

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