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Building A Repeatable Outbound Sales Machine (Part 4)

Ricardo Garcia-Amaya

VOIQ Building A Repeatable Outbound Sales Machine Part 4Now that you’ve mastered benchmarking and optimizing your sales process through the call channel, you now need to look at your test campaign results and find remedies at scale. This is a vital piece to any campaign. Having the insights and putting them into practice isn’t enough - you need to scale each variable that you tested to perfect your campaign strategy in the future.

How? In order to make your outbound sales campaign repeatable and effective, you need to master the art of predictable revenue. This allows you to align each campaign to your business objectives at a higher level - meaning your results become more than just one-time results on a test campaign, they become an extension of your sales team.

However, building predictable revenue is no walk in the park. This occurs when you have a solidified pipeline and have data to prove and forecast future sales. For example, if you know that every time you have 10 leads, 5 are qualified, 3 turn into opportunities and 1 closes into new business, assuming you can consistently generate those 10 leads, you will have predictable revenue.

Applying this logic to your test campaign, predictable revenue allows you to make rock-solid predictions about future performance based on your past test campaigns. For example, after running a test campaign and employing predictable revenue calculations, you can be confident that you’ll receive 400 appointments for every 5,000 leads.

Once you’ve established a baseline and understand what verbiage, cadence, and offering are converting leads, leverage your call agents to scale. Your call agents can help increase sales productivity by continuously and proactively reaching out to your contacts and reporting on performance metrics and analytics. This leads to more successful sales conversions and a lower cost per call.

An understanding of what predictable revenue is and how to apply it to your financial models post-test campaign completion will help immensely with business growth and the ability to make financial decisions. Completing test campaigns will ensure you know what your predictable revenue metrics are and allow you to make a metrics based decision around cost-per-opportunity.

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