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Call Centers vs. Callforce: The Showdown

Ricardo Garcia-Amaya

When you have an event approaching or a big initiative you need to push, you need to be able to quickly scale your outbound efforts. Often that’s easier said than done - either you’re lacking the manpower, the hours, the budget - or all three

You’re most likely thinking of hiring an extra person - but with the time and costs associated with hiring, on-boarding and training someone new - who has time for that?  Maybe you’re toying with the idea of outsourcing this work to a  call center or, maybe you’ve heard of an on-demand callforce, and are evaluating this option as well.

On the surface, a callforce may seem to do exactly what a call center does, but they are actually quite different!  

So how do you know which one is right for you? Let’s compare and find out:

VOIQ Call Centers vs. Callforce: The Showdown

How flexible are your needs?

Call centers: A call center typically runs on a contract basis, forcing you to commit to a slew of initial fees and be locked into a certain quota or plan. For those who like to plan far ahead and don’t foresee any big changes or variations in need, this is good to know exactly what you’re getting and for exactly how long.

Callforce: Using an on-demand callforce allows you to scale up when you need to make a big push or scale back when you have enough demand. A callforce can go with the ebb and flow of your business. Since you are not locked into a certain quota or contract, you can choose to increase or decrease the volume of calls at any time.

Do you need to test your call campaign first?

Call centers: When using a call center, you’ll typically need to deliver all the necessary materials from the beginning, and you usually don’t get the opportunity to make tweaks. Since the scripts are only made once, there isn’t a way to test the campaign first to see how well it will perform. You could always purchase two separate call center campaigns and use the second one to learn from the mistakes of the prior one, but that can often be time-consuming and costly.

Callforce: An on-demand platform with an agent callforce offers test campaigns - meaning that you can run a low-cost trial campaign and see how well it performs with your script and contact list, giving you the opportunity to optimize both based on the outcomes of the trial. This is a very valuable option for those who are starting a new venture or are unsure of their current messaging.

What are you willing to pay?

Call centers: Call centers tend to run a bit more on the expensive side, as you’re paying for services on a contract-basis. Similar to the portions of the contract that lock you into a certain volume of calls, you’re also locked into the initial price of the contract - regardless of whether or not you use the full volume of calls.

Callforce: With an on-demand callforce, you are not confined to any volume or pricing quotas. Callforce pricing is billed per-minute based on talk time, you only pay for the minutes when agents are actively speaking to your contacts. You have the option to choose to pay per campaign or on a subscription basis, depending on your budget and needs. This becomes extremely cost-effective in the long run if your business is one whose volume of outbound calls changes frequently.

Both options can bring great results, but it’s important to identify what service model will be most effective and strategic for your company, whether you need to stick to a certain budget, have the ability to run trial campaigns to test script and list effectiveness, or to scale on-demand.

Does an outbound callforce sound like it fits the bill for your company? Click below to schedule a demo to talk about how VOIQ can help you meet your needs.


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