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Connect Your “Contact us” Button With Instant Follow-up Sales Calls And Stop Losing Conversions

Margarita Yepes


A scenario we all know too well…

You’re checking out a new product or service on their website and want to learn more.

You click on “Request a Demo” or “Contact”, which sends you to a lead capture form or landing page where the only option you're offered is to email

You don’t get to book a demo or speak to someone in sales, at least not in a timely manner.



As there is no one to answer your questions or speak to you while your interest is peaked, you move on to the next solution.

And that’s exactly how potential customers end up falling through the cracks.

Responding to leads quickly is key for any marketing and sales team. Every minute that passes between a lead filling out a form and a sales rep making contact has a dramatic effect on the convertibility of that lead into a customer. According to this study by Hubspot, 35-50% of sales go to the company that calls back the customer first.

Beyond keeping in check your lead response times, you need to know how to reach your leads and which channel works best for them at strategic points of the buying cycle.

Cold calling is still the preferred method to make initial contact. A sales rep will be able to cover more ground in a phone call than through email, which requires them to open the actual email, read the content, click on a link for more info, and reply or call you back. While  live chat (or a chatbot) providing instant response remains a good touchpoint, the lead still needs to input their contact info to get a call back.

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 2.39.48 PM.pngAccording to, the conversion rate on a cold call sales plan is 5-10 percent. This compares to less than 1 percent for a cold email campaign, according to B2B Marketing Zone.

By connecting your contact forms with a real-time sales call, you can capture, qualify, and engage your leads in a single step. Forget the 4 or 5 unresponsive emails, or call queues that your reps have to click-to call when they have time.  

As a marketing leader, even the simplest call campaign can generate instant feedback and uncover valuable intelligence about your prospects, including buyer challenges, motivations and existing supplier relationships, that would take much longer to gather via online methods. Over time you can refine your approach with a script tailored for your target audience, the complexity of your product or service and the qualification needs of your sales team.

Calls can be scaled up or down easily – especially when you can leverage on-demand sales agents – to increase the capacity of your sales team, keep up with demand generation, allow for developing new geographic markets, or give an extra boost to product launches and events.

To make the experience as seamless as possible for your buyers, simply link your site forms to your CRM. That way, when someone clicks your “Request a Demo” CTA, an on-demand local sales agent will call that lead and:

1. Ask a few qualification questions
2. Schedule a day/time for a demo
3. Send a calendar invite to you and your lead right from the call platform.

Calendar_script.pngWhen your call activity is integrated with your CRM, you can also link your marketing campaigns to your sales efforts, and track your ROI and your cost of conversion.



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