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Conversational VoiceBots for Inbound Marketing

Juliana Zuluaga

If it seems like Conversational Marketing is the hottest old trend in business, it’s because it is. You’ve likely read countless blogs and book chapters that focus on how you should be having more conversations with your prospects at every stage of the buyer’s journey. Theoretically, it makes perfect sense - being able to talk directly to your prospects and focus on their specific product needs and queries not only strengthens your relationship but also feeds your team with valuable information you can use to power up your outreach strategy and improve your product.

The problem with putting this into practice in the past was that, with the technology available, you could not scale these conversations. As your business grew, so did your marketing and sales teams, and the many processes your company had to introduce in order to communicate with customers.

Today, the picture has radically changed, as there are great tools available that allow you to have conversations at scale. From the use of CRMs, to email and phone call automation, having a conversation with every prospect (no matter how big your business is) is now a relatively simple reality.  

Cue in conversational AI Voicebots.

Automating your phone calls with human-sounding Bots is a great way to add  24/7 customer support and sales assistance to your process, initiating conversations with prospects when they are at the highest level of intent. As prospects interact with your content and move through each stage of the buyer’s journey, adding VoiceBots not only provides you with  an extra opportunity to qualify prospects but also gives you a great hook for the next call.

But how do VoiceBots exactly fit into the inbound methodology? Keep reading to learn  how to introduce conversational calls at every stage to add more value to your customer’s journey.



Inbound Methodology
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Attract: This stage is all about creating brand awareness, and getting the right people to look at your product and develop a true interest. At this point, most visitors are strangers, still figuring out your product and features - they want to know  what you’re offering and why it’s valuable. This is where a call from a VoiceBot fits right in: you can create a custom VoiceBot to call every inbound lead that visits your website or checks out one of your blogs in order to share similar content or invite them to a live webinar. The VoiceBot will reach your targeted contacts in real time, while also adding a human touch.

Convert: When you start getting more information about your prospects, having a valuable  conversation is crucial. After you’ve peaked their interest in your product, it’s important to focus on getting them a meeting with someone from your sales team. Use all the information from your website to your advantage, like the detailed information you get from form submissions. Leverage a VoiceBot to call prospects on behalf of your sales team and  book meetings automatically in their calendars. VoiceBots are also great to call and remind prospects of upcoming demos, and to make sure your closers (sales reps) have appointments to go to. You can use VoiceBot playbooks, a.k.a pre-packaged call scripts and automated workflows, to target similar prospect profiles and journeys, and route the right prospect to the right rep.

Close: When your leads reach this stage, time becomes crucial. One forgotten call or follow-up can give your competitors an advantage. A VoiceBot can serve as support for your sales team, especially as your business grows. Automate follow-up calls after every meeting, customer proposal you send, or conversation you have with your leads, to ensure no one falls through the cracks. A VoiceBot can handle the chase while your sales team focuses on the sale.

Delight: Delight your customers with quick and convenient assistance, answer FAQs and provide basic customer support with available data. With a VoiceBot handling these tasks, you ensure you’re always present for your customers. Using a VoiceBot at this stage allows your customer service agents to focus their time to more delicate or complex calls, increasing customer satisfaction while lowering agent workloads.


Having a human-sounding VoiceBot carry out phone calls to reach your inbound leads guarantees a proactive approach to having valuable conversations with all your prospects. At scale, this means you are getting in touch with every lead from the start, helping you build a close relationship with prospects and eventual customers. One great thing that a VoiceBot can offer is assistance to both your marketing and sales teams. Marketers can use conversational Bots to increase personalization and engagement, while sales teams can use them to follow-up with prospects and amplify their abilities to close deals.

Call your inbound leads right when they start engaging with your brand. Let a VoiceBot automate your sales and marketing calls throughout each stage of your buyer’s journey.
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