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Convert More Leads, Faster

Bianca Rico

Getting leads to convert can be one of the most stressful parts of the sales process. Knowing where to go for leads, how to quickly engage with them, asking the right questions wheVOIQ Converting Leads To Customersn you’ve got them, and how to get them to buy, can be a lot to handle. 

But the good news is there are a few strategies throughout the sales funnel that will help you successfully convert more leads, faster.

Obtaining Leads

Getting noticed by potential customers is a two-part process: creating a compelling and clear value proposition for leads, and making sure you stand out from the crowd on social media and search engines. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Use social media: We’re living in a time when 40% of people spend more time socializing on social media than face to face, so don’t be afraid to head to social media platforms to try to find your target audience. Paid digital ads, such as those on Facebook and LinkedIn, have been shown to drastically increase website traffic.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): To ensure your website can be found on search engines,optimize all the copy on your site by using business-defining keywords, URLs, meta-descriptions and page titles.
  • Interesting blogs & useful content: Even if you use SEO and social media to get in front of people, they won’t click on your website if there isn’t anything relevant for them. Make sure your blog posts, eBooks, and FAQs answer important questions and offer valuable insights your customers need. To figure out how to get a pulse on your customers to deliver useful content, check out this blog.

Qualifying Leads

To successfully qualify leads, use the following BANT criteria.

  • Budget: Is the prospect capable of buying?
  • Authority: Does your contact have adequate authority to sign off on a purchase?
  • Need: Does the prospect have a pain you can solve?
  • Timeline: When is the prospect planning to buy?

How can you get this information from them? The quickest way is to get them on the phone. Interacting with potential leads on the phone allows you to get real-time feedback and gather more information than you could from a form or email. You can leverage an outbound sales callforce to call and quickly qualify all your leads for you. This way you can focus on closing. 


Converting Leads

Once you’ve determined a lead is qualified to buy, it’s now time to close the deal. Here are three tactics that can help you do so:

  • Offer an incentive: If you’re sensing a prospect is reluctant to buy, offer an incentive such as a coupon or a free trial.
  • Outline ROI: Clearly explain to the prospect exactly how your product or service can solve their problems and increase their revenue.
  • Nurture them: If someone isn’t ready to buy, don’t push them. Nurture the relationship until they’re ready to buy using some of these trusty methods.

When you have a solid strategy in place for how to obtain, qualify, and convert leads, you’ll be able to tell more clearly where problems lie and where to fix them in the future. The more you document and analyze your processes, the better you will get with time.


How can you do all this faster than you already do? The answer: an on-demand sales force. To learn more about how an on-demand sales force can help you meet your goals, click below.

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