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The Most Effective Ways to Use Holiday Shopping to Reach Your KPIs

Chris Miljanovski

We show you how to take advantage of consumer and market behavior during the holidays so you can reach your sales objectives. 

Holiday shopping can be the most lucrative time of the year for retailers. If you want your business to be successful and reach your KPIs, there are several things to consider when planning your marketing strategy for the holiday season. Because competition is always fierce, you need your business to stand out from the crowd and ensure you are maximizing your investments. 

Below we identify some of the most effective ways you can use holiday shopping to meet your sales objectives.

Get into the holiday spirit

Don't just promote your product, develop designs, and creative campaigns specifically for the holidays. Use popular holiday jingles, the season colors, and lights. Also, don't forget to make your copy holiday-friendly too. Choose your best-sellers and highlight them in the holiday campaign. The association will get people excited about your product.


Consider your targets 

For most of the year, you're used to zoned-in on your target demographic. However, when holiday shopping season comes, you need to be able to focus not only on your target demographic but also those individuals who may be buying gifts for your demo. Because your target demographic and the individuals giving the gifts perceive value in different ways, you need to position your products and brand to include both targets. For gift-givers, they are more interested in your brand than they are in the actual product they are purchasing for a family member or loved one. Make the experience as seamless as possible by focusing on the value of the products, having simple shipping options, and an easy check-out process, 


To discount or not to discount?

Discounts are a great way to gain awareness and drive sales. If you want to incorporate discounts, you need to have a strategy. What kind of discount do you want to offer your customers? 

You can do an event-based discount for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, for example, or a more incentive-based discount for loyal customers with personalized offers or promotions. 

If your business has a more exclusive vibe, then an invite-only for a short private or surprise sale can create an urgency to purchase while also showing the customer they are valued and rewarding them for their loyalty.

You can even consider using a conversational A.I VoiceBot to call a select list and invite them to special events, tell them about promotions or give them promo codes.


Distinguish yourself from other brands

With the immense competition during the holidays with competing sales and promotions, it can be tough to stand out in a crowd. Do something competitors aren't doing, like having a spend now receive some kind of incentive later deal. That incentive can come in the form of a gift card or a promotional discount to be used at a designated time in the future. This forces the customer to come back to your business and shop again.

Preparing for the craziness of the holiday shopping season can be challenging and overwhelming. To reach your KPIs, you may have to think outside the box and take risks, but if those risks pay off and it's a success, you'll have created a great model for future holiday seasons, so you can focus on new trends that may arise in the ever-changing retail landscape.

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