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Google Ads vs Facebook Ads

Tasha Sandoval

As marketers, a big question we keep asking is this: Facebook Ads or Google Ads? We have the answer. When considering SEO and keywords, your target audience, industry, and objectives, your choice may sway one way or another. 

Google ads are divided into two categories, paid search ads that are based on search keywords and display network ads. Facebook ads also display ads, often called paid social. Choosing which platform is best for you depends on a few key factors. 


 Focus on Audience 

Use Facebook to target audiences based on their activity.

Facebook helps us understand a particular portion of the population's activity and social behaviors, allowing us to target those specific audiences. You can get pretty in-depth with the kinds of audiences that you curate on Facebook- even creating customized ad content for different audiences. 

Facebook's Ads Manager also allows you to customize your objectives and reach larger, custom audiences through seemingly endless targeting options and settings. If you're in a niche market, this is particularly useful. 

Use Facebook for Visual Ads

Facebook is the #1 visual platform out there, and visual ads convert leads at an exceptional rate. Take advantage of this and create exciting visual content that will appeal to your Facebook target audiences. If, for example, your product is visually appealing, focus on visual content on Facebook to drive clicks and conversions. 

Google reaches almost everyone on the internet- it's an incredibly powerful tool. Google search ads are often the most efficient option out there because the audience is already seeking out a product or service. It makes sense that Google search ads see the highest conversion rate; people are already looking for a product or a service.

 Focus on industry 

Consider Average CPC by industry. Facebook's average CPC is lower than both Google search and display networks, so they're ideal for small businesses on a budget. Not only can Facebook Ads help you get more bang for your buck, but they can also help you manage your customer acquisition cost.

Consider researching the average CPC for each specific Ad option for your industry and compare.

CPC's for the tech sector:

Facebook Ads: $0.20

Google display network: $0.20

Google search network: $1.78

The CPC's above show that if you're in the tech sector and your biggest concern is cost, you're better off using Facebook and Google display network ads over Google search ads.

Most affordable CPC by industry and by type of ad

  • Most affordable CPC for Facebook Ads: finance, nonprofit, fashion, and tech
  • Most affordable CPC for Google display network ads: tech, travel and hospitality, and dating
  • Most affordable CPC for Google search: dating, e-commerce, auto

The overlaps on these lists, like the fact that Facebook CPC and Google CPC are both low for the tech industry, proving that the choice is never black and white. If you're looking to weigh more metrics, also consider CTR. Google search has by far the best CTR out of the three options. 

 Focus on objectives 

To increase ROI

Google ads will help you find new customers efficiently, giving you a quick return. Meanwhile, Facebook ads will help new customers find you and boost your ROI in the long term. 

To increase brand awareness

Though Google display ads are an excellent tool for building brand awareness, Facebook can also do the trick, especially within niche markets. 

To increase consideration 

Facebook is often the best choice here because of the ways you can engage Facebook users in your content, driving traffic, and even boosting lead generation. 

To increase conversion

By improving the landing page and focusing on the right keywords, Google search ads can help you increase your conversion rate.


There is no single right decision when it comes to choosing Google or Facebook ads. Carefully consider your options and prioritize the factors that stand to help your business grow and succeed. If you can swing it, you can even use a mix of both ad platforms to optimize your digital marketing strategy best.

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