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Guide To Generating the Right Leads For Your Sales Campaign Part 1: Attracting Leads

Margarita Yepes

You’ve built an awesome product and now it’s time to start selling it. So, where should you start? First step: Think about the people that will need (and want!) what you have to offer.

Finding your ideal customers and selling them your product may seem like a daunting task, but we promise it isn't! Before you can get contacts to close to customers, you need to generate leads — and even before that, you must profile your prospective buyers.

In part 1 of this 2 part series, we’ll offer tips on how to effectively set yourself up to qualify your leads. Let’s get started!

VOIQ Guide To Generating the Right Leads For Your Sales Campaign Part 1: Attracting Leads

Attracting Leads - Find your ideal customers and get in touch with them!

Lead generation is the first step. You can find and attract potential customers in two main ways: building internal content that builds awareness and trust with them, and setting up email and call campaigns to reach them. Let's break it down:

Set your ideal customer profile and create relevant content

Start by creating your ideal customer profile (ICP), or buyer personas. These could be your current clients or ideal clients you’d like to have. For example:

If you work at a SaaS tech startup, one of your buyer personas could be “Founder Frank.”

After spending time thinking about who Founder Frank is, what he does, what he likes, his needs, and his pain points, you should create content (like blogs or eBooks) that provides him with a tangible solution. Your content should address his pain points, provide relevant industry insights, and plug your product. This help you build brand awareness and trust.

Get emailing! Get on the phone!

Once you know who your ideal customer is, don’t just sit around and wait for them to come to you.

Email them!

Once you’ve built your list of potential customers, feed them into an automated drip email campaign software like PersistIQ (YC S14) or  Test and optimize your messaging to figure out what content gets the most responses. And don't just blast out mass impersonal emails — this is not an effective nor scalable method. Send out quality messages that add value to each individual customer profile to increase the odds of getting a response.

Even better - Call them!

Haven't gotten a response? Get them on the phone! Speaking directly to your potential customers is ideal no matter what their response is - because you actually get a response! They'll tell you if your product sucks, they'll hang up on your if your pitch is weak. A phone call is the best way to get immediate feedback on what you're selling and how you're doing it.

So, we’ve gotten this far with Part 1 of our Guide To Generating the Right Leads For Your Sales Campaign. Although we’ve advanced a lot, there is still a lot more to cover and learn. So, don’t miss our next blog post if you want to find out exactly how to best qualify your ideal customers, keep them engaged with nurture emails and personal phone calls, and eventually convert them into clients. Want to learn much more? Check out PART 2!  

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