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Guide To Generating the Right Leads For Your Sales Campaign Part 2: Qualifying Leads

Margarita Yepes

In the 1st part of our blog, we shared insights on how to identify your ideal customers by answering questions about who they are, what they like, their pain points, and their needs with the right content. We also offered key tips on how to reach out to prospects through email drip campaigns, and then get them on the phone.

In part 2, we will be discussing how to best qualify your customers by applying IBM’s BANT method, automating the process with an on-demand call platform, and sealing the deal with the right closing techniques.

Qualifying Leads - Figure out if your ¨ideal customers¨ really are the right fit for you!

Jumping on the phone with your potential customers is also the quickest way to qualify them! Qualifying your leads, i.e. asking your potential customers a series of questions to see if your product fits their needs, is the next piece of the puzzle to figure out who you need to be selling to.

VOIQ Guide To Generating the Right Leads For Your Sales Campaign Part 2: Qualifying Leads

To save you serious time and capital, automate this process with an on-demand call platform with call agents who can jump on the phone and qualify your potential customers for you.

If you choose this option, creating qualification call campaigns is quick, easy and efficient. Create a script for the on-demand agents to follow, upload your list of generated leads to call, and your done! Once you launch your campaign, on-demand agents begin contacting your leads, taking care of the tedious legwork of qualifying thousands of potential customers. Your internal sales team will be freed from this time-consuming task, and can focus solely on closing the customers that are the right fit for your product.

Regardless of how you choose to handle qualifying your leads, you need to ask the right questions to ensure each lead is a good fit for your business. IBM's BANT method to qualify leads is a great approach to follow:

  1. Budget - Do they have the budget?
  2. Authority - Is the person you are speaking to the decision maker?
  3. Need - Do they have a need for your product/service?
  4. Timeline - Is now the right time for them to buy or take action?

If this contact meets all four criteria, they are a qualified lead! Once you have your qualified leads, don’t stop there, follow up with them with nurturing emails and personal calls to keep them engaged, trust, ensuring you are at the top of their mind, and eventually to convert.

Close - Seal the deal with your customers

Beyond figure out who your ideal customer is and introducing them to your amazing product, you need to be able to close them. If closing is not your strong suit, here are 4 recommended techniques to seal the deal:

  • Make it a Limited-Time-Offer: Create a sense of urgency, either because your customer has a problem that needs a quick solution, or, by including a special offer that requires immediate action.
  • Summarize the bennies: Go over your product’s key features one last time, highlighting the value and benefits the customer will get. This will help them visualize what they are about to sign up for.
  • Give a free trial: Offer a free trial of your product to get an interested customer hooked. As long as the customer is a serious potential buyer, this increases your chances of getting to a sale.
  • Assume they are already onboard: Go on offense and approach the customer as if they have already decided to buy your product. Talk to them about the awesome solution they’re getting with your product vs. whether or not they’ll move to purchase.

Finally, follow up follow up follow up! The majority of sales are made between the 5th and 12th contact. Jump on the phone, be persistent, and be open to some negotiating in favor of the customer.

It takes time to build the right process to identify and target your ideal customers, qualify them with the right questions, and offer them the right incentive to close the deal. However, once you have a fine-tuned machine for lead generation, qualification and closing that’s adapted to your product and business, you can start creating a sales process that is repeatable and measurable to kick your sales into overdrive.

To truly hack the system and save time and money, automate the process of lead qualification with an on-demand call platform that fits your budget and campaign.

For a demo of a platform that qualify sales calls in minutes, click below.

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