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How A Sales Call Software Help Sales Leaders Better Coach Their Team

Margarita Yepes

No Cloning Needed: Sales Call Software to Better Coach Sales TeamSales coaching is the most important job a sales manager has. It not only maximizes the sales team’s ability to discover customer critical insight, but gives sales reps the knowledge and tools to successfully contact and develop new prospects.

However, most managers don’t have the time or resources to see into their team’s most valuable touchpoint: the sales conversations.

Sales calls provide a chance for an effective, most influential coaching, because managers can see first-hand how a sales rep handles a particular conversation, the message shared, and how the prospect react to that. Managers can then use this information to fine-tune their pitch and improve performance across their team.

So either you use AI to clone yourself to be able to sit in on all hundreds of conversations that take place everyday, or you use AI to effectively scale the process through call recordings, quality assurance, and data capture.

Here’s 3 ways how sales call software allows B2B sales leaders to successfully coach their team:

Identify the Right Keywords That Lead to Conversions

If your sales call software have the capacity to record all sales calls, incorporate call samples into your sales coaching so your sales reps can see what selling points or angles are working better, adjust how the product is being sold, what’s best to say at each stage of the conversation.

What’s more, a sales call software powered by AI, enables sales managers not only to listen to call recordings, but it automatically QA each call, pulling key and common elements from the conversation like goals, problems, objections, next steps, competitor mentions, etc.

By leveraging the insights collected, both marketing and sales can shape their understanding of each individual’s pain points and challenges and use them as focal points of the company’s marketing campaigns, messages, content and sales interactions.

Identify Common Objections and Prepare Effective Rebuttals

Another essential step of sales coaching is preparing your sales reps for what’s coming and by that I mean, the different objections they will encounter when calling prospects. However, without listening and monitoring each call it’s hard to identify what these push backs are.

With a sales call software, sales leaders are able to scan each call in real-time, surface the most common objections used by prospects and incorporate the right rebuttals into the call script (as part of the question, of FAQs) so sales reps are ready to break past these barriers during their next call.

Sales managers can also include those common pushbacks into role-plays so that sales reps can prepare for future conversations, and marketers can use them to develop new content that answers those questions and help buyers make better decisions with more information at their hands.

Leverage Call Dispositions to Segment Sales Scenarios

Call dispositions are used to describe the outcome of a call. By tracking call outcomes, sales managers can gain a lot of valuable insights regarding a sales rep’s performance (i.e. how many calls lead to sales), and how to optimize their follow-up process.

For example, if your team is having a lot of “Wrong Number” or “No Answer” call outcomes, it could indicate you have a low quality contact list and is affecting your team’s performance rates.

If your team is getting a high “Call Back” disposition, it means you need to coach them on tonality and developing an attention-grabbing introduction. If it’s a “No Interest” disposition, then they need to be coached on how to better communicate the value proposition.

Weather you’re leveraging on-demand sales agents or your own inside sales team, a sales call software will allow them to automatically log the call outcome into the CRM, keeping call data available for sales leaders and their team, and making it easy to build reports on sales activities as well as increasing lead quality.



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