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How AI VoiceBots can help Customer Service teams through these challenging COVID-19 times

Margarita Yepes

COVID-19 has rapidly created an unprecedented level of uncertainty, not only in regards to our health, but also job security and economic activity. Fortunate companies are closing their offices and having their employees work from home. Less fortunate companies have been forced to furlough, or let go of, critical team members to keep their business afloat. 

While so many businesses are fighting to stay alive with less or highly-strained resources, the great irony is that this pandemic has triggered the need for even more communication channels. State and local governments, health organizations, and businesses (airlines, banks, supply chains, etc.) are receiving on average a 3-4X increase in call volume

A large portion of this uptick of calls received is a direct result of COVID-19. Many individuals have the same questions about how coronavirus and the current events will affect them. 

To combat higher call volumes and increased wait times with fewer resources available, automation is now essential. Providing accurate answers, and quickly, to customers is the best way to instill confidence and to demonstrate compassion for their communities. Automated systems like inbound and outbound VoiceBots are incredibly effective tools that can help teams:   

  1. Make outbound calls to notify your community about new local government orders, waiving credit card fees, changes to travel ordinances and restrictions, and so on.
  2. Handle incoming calls over 10x faster, easily answer repetitive questions about current events and seamlessly transfer calls to live agents as necessary.
  3. Provide 24/7 information, availability and first-tier support for hundreds of communities across the globe, helping you maintain a high-quality level of service. 

Use VoiceBots to stay close to your community: provide up-to-date information to your customers and receive data and feedback from them in return 

During the pandemic, businesses have slowly been turning to AI to scale up customer services, bridge gaps, and cut costs. VOIQ AI VoiceBots are helping extend customer service teams, and allowing them to stay connected with customers.

  • Calling local citizens and informing them about new local government orders, changes in hours of service, or travel restrictions.

  • Performing preliminary screenings for COVID-19 symptoms and based on the person’s answers, transferring the call to a local healthcare provider.

  • Providing updates on e-commerce purchases: pick-up schedules, delays, cancellations, etc.

  • Notifying customers on waiving or refunding fees associated with deposit accounts (monthly service charges and overdraft fees) or lending products (credit card, mortgages), and schedule essential appointments. 
Use VoiceBots to extend your team during call volume peaks

At any given time, breaking news related to your product or service can send your customers into a panic and have them crowding your phone lines, overworking your remote team and sending your department into haywire. Using AI VoiceBots to handle increased call volumes can help you maintain the same level of quality across your customer support team. 

Companies are turning to AI VoiceBots to bridge any gaps in service. Inbound VoiceBots can handle incoming calls over 10x faster, easily answer repetitive questions and live transfer a call to the right agent for more complex conversations. Outbound VoiceBots can provide key information to your customers and give them reassurance – they’ve been acknowledged even if your phone lines weren’t immediately available to answer their concerns.

Use AI VoiceBots to transform your team to be better prepared for the future

With the rise of Customer Service teams working from home and adopting a digital workplace, increasing agent productivity has never been more important. 

VOIQ provides a SaaS VoiceBot platform where you can create targeted call campaigns that follow breaking news and updates related to this pandemic, allowing businesses and local authorities to provide 24/7 information, availability and first-tier support for hundreds of communities across the globe, reducing costs and enhancing human agent efficiency.

Remember, there's a big difference between handling challenges by being proactive and problem-solving in panic mode. No matter the size of the company or the power of the industry, no-one can always be 100% prepared for the future - COVID-19 has certainly proven that. The best thing you can do as a business is to protect your team, product and customers and arm yourself with a great software automation stack to help you navigate the challenging times and soar above the competition during the prosperous ones. 

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