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How Data-Driven Automated Calls Eliminate Human Bias and Optimize Call Cadence

Ricardo Garcia-Amaya

Data-Driven Automated calls to eliminate Human Bias and Optimize Call Cadence

Let’s take a moment to think about your sales reps' day. Your team is doing alright, they try hard, are highly motivated, and are always juggling a million tasks at once. Their day is a blur of:

    • Researching top prospects social media and company news
    • Answering and sending emails
    • Reporting
    • Building prospecting lists
    • Checking out competitors
    • Keeping up on relevant news to share with prospects
    • Sending and scheduling demos times
    • Preparing for and giving demos
    • And most importantly, calling new prospects and nurturing those already in the sales funnel.

And somehow most days they manage to get it all done. Constantly reorganizing their schedule to try and reflect their ever shifting priorities. With all this considered you have to ask yourself, when exactly are your reps making their sales prospecting calls… and why?

The truth is many reps choose to fit their call tasks into their busy day not based on the best time to potentially reach their prospects, but instead, based on when they have a moment free to make the call. And those few dedicated reps that do take into consideration the timing and cadence of their calls are usually basing their strategy on assumptions or on “something they read some time written by someone...”, and not on actual data-driven facts.

Data-driven automated calls carried out by Conversational VoiceBots are sales calls equipped with machine learning that anticipate your prospect's behavior throughout their buyer journey and use collected data to build optimized sales cadences based on real data and not human bias.

Whether you're managing a team of human SDRs or leveraging VoiceBots to automate your sales and marketing calls, you should be tracking and optimizing your company's sales calls based on a lot more than simply the number of calls made by each sales rep or the number of appointments scheduled. By analyzing the success and failure of aggregate call data, machines can optimize call times, cadence, wording, and many other metrics, to ensure that your content is modified and sent out with the best message, at the best time, to the best targets to maximize connections and conversions.


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