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How Government Officials are using AI VoiceBots to call and provide crucial COVID-19 information and assistance to communities

Margarita Yepes

As many countries around the globe have successfully leveraged VoiceBots (call robots that can have natural conversations over the phone) to help detect and triage infection among their citizens and provide critical COVID-19 information, US Public officials are similarly deploying AI VoiceBots to have highly-personalized conversations with each citizen in their district. 

VoiceBots can ask critical questions in order to detect new cases as early as possible, understand the needs of each community, and provide up-to-date, official health and safety information

VOIQ - COVID-19 Call Flow

Mayors and Councilmembers from states like New York and California are working with VOIQ’s  conversational AI platform to -1) scale their outreach efforts by automatically calling thousands of their community members, 2) easily update and push out COVID-19  information based on local guidelines and regulations, 3) use their own voice to build trust over the phone, 4) collect every answer to create a rich database of COVID-19 infection maps, triage processes and community assistance trees, and 5) quickly triage new potential cases to prevent the virus from further spreading.

Here are a few examples of how Public Officials are using VoiceBots to help their communities stay healthy, informed, and connected during this public-health crisis: 

  • Ask people about their symptoms and advise on further care steps

The VoiceBot asks people a series of short, simple questions to gauge the likelihood of infection. At the end of the call, the VoiceBot gives next steps: continue to self-isolate at home (to avoid overcrowding medical facilities), or it connects them with local test centers/clinics. Additionally, they can ask senior members if they need access to food programs like Meals on Wheels, and transfer the call directly to the organization.

  • Give State/City-specific information about the pandemic

VoiceBots can let residents know about closures of local schools and businesses, lockdown orders and their rules, pharmacies in the area that have masks in stock, and other local-specific details.

  • Let people know how they can help out

Practicing social distancing is already a huge help, but many want to know how or if they can do more. VoiceBots can share lists of local restaurants people can support by ordering delivery, or emergency funds they can donate to, for example.

Conversational AI tools like VoiceBots are proving their worth during the coronavirus crisis and showing how this new communication channel can be leveraged in the years ahead by a wide range of companies and institutions.

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