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How Sales Teams Use Call Variables to Improve The Call Quality

Margarita Yepes

Setting up a call campaign is very much how you would set up an email campaign, but for the call channel you have about 20 different variables that influence conversion rate: time, message, cadence, rebuttals, agent-lead psychographic matching, etc.

While working with different clients, we’ve seen a trend in some key variables that improve call quality and help bring you the most opportunities. But unfortunately, these variables are often overlooked. In this post we’ll go over some of the most common ones to help you better plan for and gauge your campaign success: 

Master Your Sales Calls

As soon as you launch a call campaign with VOIQ, our platform A/B tests and initially evaluates fundamental variables that don’t require a conversation.

  • List Integrity: Owning a high-quality list of contacts is the first step to achieving an effective call campaign. Without accurate data, you are not only throwing away marketing and sales dollars, you are wasting time and potential opportunities.

    Our platform scans each phone number on your list and identifies which ones are duplicates or wrong, have been incorrectly formatted, or are missing numbers. With a verified list, your team can focus on the prospects with the highest probability of being contacted.

  • Live Connects: Dialing prospects is only a means to an end. What truly matters is connecting with and qualifying leads. This way you can rely on having a predictable number of qualified leads in your pipeline.

    A Local Caller ID can be a game-changer. Calling prospects from a number that matches their local area has shown to increase answer rates by at least 57% and double call back rates, if they miss it.

Master Your Sales Conversations

The next set of variables are optimized after reaching a statistical significant number of conversations, making every call smarter than the one before.

  • Time Optimization: When and what time you call your prospects affect your success rates and how your prospects see you when it comes to deciding whether or not to buy from you.

    Since every industry works differently, the goal is to find out the best day and time to call YOUR prospects. Our platform analyzes every call, pulls the stats on how timing and connection occur throughout the campaign, and adjusts call time for each prospect.

    But when it comes to your inbound leads, the difference relies on the time elapsed between a lead action on your website and your team’s follow-up.
  • Script Adherence: A great script is the cornerstone of a successful call campaign. When you build a call script you need to consider the goal of the call, the buyer persona, and the tone of your brand.

    Once your campaign is running, our platform identifies what selling points or angles are working better, what’s best to say at each stage of the conversation, and adjust your script to fit your target audience. It also pulls common elements from the conversation like goals, problems, objections, competitor mentions, etc.

    By leveraging those insights, you’ll have a better understanding of each prospect’s challenges and use them as focal points of your future marketing campaigns, messages, content, and sales interactions.

  • Use of Rebuttals: Learning to overcome objections from prospective clients can turn a call into an actual sale. Our platform monitors each call in real-time, surface the most common objections used by prospects and incorporate the right rebuttals into the call script, so the agents are ready to break past these barriers during their next call.

    You can also include those common pushbacks into role-plays so that your team can prepare for future conversations, and your marketing team can use them to develop new content that answers those questions and help buyers make better decisions.

As we all know, call quality matters. Many sales teams fall into the trap of focusing only on KPIs, or the final disposition of the call, but not on optimizing the actual call. However, with a smart software and the right QA process in place, your agents will win and so will your customers.

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