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How the top 5 CRM vendors are using Conversational AI for business

Tasha Sandoval

To stay relevant, top CRM vendors are using AI to optimize the overall customer experience. Here is how the country's top 5 CRM's are leveraging the power of AI for business.


Setup VoiceBot calls from your contact's profile within your HubSpot CRM, or include them as triggers within workflows. With HubSpot, you can choose the type of outreach you want to do. You can touch base with prospects in your CRM using AI tools like chatbots or even VOIQ VoiceBots, which are fully integrated with HubSpot. You can also track your call logs and call history within HubSpot's CRM to optimize efficiency.


Salesforce's Einstein CRM assistant helps companies understand their customers in a whole new way. According to Salesforce, Einstein helps businesses discover customer insights, predict business outcomes, recommend valuable next action steps, and, eventually, automate workflow. Einstein can also help you impress your customers with how much you know and personalize their experience.

Einstein's Voice is Salesforce's very own voice assistant, which helps businesses communicate directly with Salesforce. For example, you can start your morning with a voice-activated daily briefing, updating you on vital daily metrics.


Pipedrive's AI offerings help businesses automate and grow in multiple ways. Pipedrive describes their sales assistant as a "sales mentor" that can boost sales performance with actionable tips based on analysis of CRM data. They also offer workflow automation for your business's most repetitive tasks, like email campaigns, and triggered sales actions. Finally, their smart contact data feature allows businesses to access critical contact data with one click.


ZIA is Zoho's AI-powered sales assistant, offering both chat and voice functionalities.
ZIA can pull up any CRM data that you're looking for on-demand. She can brief you with lead predictions and sales projections while giving you helpful daily notifications like alerts and task reminders.


This top CRM is harnessing machine learning technology to offer Adaptive Audiences, a way for Optimizely users to personalize their campaigns for specific sub-audiences. What this means is that you can personalize your campaigns based on different defining factors, like a customer's place in the sales cycle, demographic data, and much more. With adaptive audiences, you can deliver personalization at scale.

The global top CRM's are all using AI to help their users improve customer understanding, personalize the customer experience, and optimize campaigns. Only some CRM's, including giants like HubSpot and Salesforce, are leveraging the power of voice to maximize their offerings.

At VOIQ, we think AI has the power to improve most business processes, which includes how businesses use their CRM's. These top CRM vendors have created their own methods of applying AI to improve their offerings. Why not make the most of it?

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