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How To Build A Top-Notch Sales Team

Jessica Taggart

VOIQ Build A Top-Notch Sales Team

Your sales team has the most impact on your customers and prospective clients perspective of your company. They’re the ones who interface with them on a daily basis and ultimately get them to close the deal and become customers. If it wasn’t for them, you wouldn’t have customers in the first place.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure that your sales team is nothing but the best. It can be hard to recognize and acquire great talent, but the following steps will help make the process easier and ensure you build a strong sales team that brings you enviable results.

Step 1: Evaluate Your Current Sales Team & Process

Before you can start making changes and evaluating your strategy, you first need to determine the current state of your sales team to see what’s missing. Looking candidly at your strategies, processes, and employees, asking yourself what’s working and what isn’t. Are you seeing the results you want from your sales team? If not, look into the details and see if you can determine where it’s coming from. Are your sales metrics poor, indicating an issue with your product or your market? Is there high employee churn in the sales department or do employees have too much on their plates?

Step 2: Determine Sales Team Member Qualities

Once you’ve determined your areas of misalignment (if any), ask yourself if you need to make any new hires to fill in those gaps. If so, what kind of employee(s) will those need to be? Will they be part-time support roles or full-time team members? What strengths will they need to have to counter the weaknesses currently experienced by your sales team? What skills will they need to have to effectively add new clients to your roster?

The best employees are ones who will be successful in the sales role itself AND bring success to the company as a whole (in the form of new good customers). These types of people are motivated and determined, usually have a good knowledge of statistics and sales metrics, are coachable, and have a proven record of sales experience and achievements.

Step 3: Find Quality People

Now that you know what you’re looking for in an employee, it’s time to go out and find them. Don’t just post your job opportunities on your website - make sure you get in front of these top-notch sales people where you know they’ll be. Salespeople, by nature, are highly social and tend to do the most networking. Ensure you get noticed by networking at sales-based events or other industry events, utilizing a professional association (such as a staffing company or licensing company that has job boards), or even employee referrals from some of your top-performing current salespeople.

Step 4: Don’t Manage, Lead

You’ve acquired the best people, congratulations! But your work isn’t over. A sales team is more successful if they’re led by management, rather than being micro-managed. Lead your sales team by being supportive, encouraging and offering in-depth sales training from the start. Set clear expectations and provide structure for your employees, so that they’re never left wondering what they should do and know what needs to be done in a day. Work alongside your employees to develop personal and team goals for them and hold them accountable with personal performance KPIs.

A top-notch sales team is not unattainable. If you prepare yourself with an honest evaluation of the current state of your sales team and fill in the gaps with knowledgeable employees, your sales results can skyrocket.

Now that you have a stellar sales team, how can you ensure they focus on converting leads or building new relationships with your clients? With a sales call platform that automates your lead qualification process.

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