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How To Determine the Best Day and Time to Conduct Sales Prospecting Calls

Bianca Rico

Reaching prospects over the phone is a tried-and-true sales practice that helps you promote your business and close deals. Phone calls are effective because they allow you to establish personal connections with leads and also accelerate the sales process. It’s no wonder so many organizations rely on this type of outreach for driving revenue.

But, not every sales call is successful — oftentimes you won’t even get an answer. Why is that? Timing has a lot to do with it.

In this post, we’ll offer tips on how to determine which days and times are best for making sales calls based on your target audience. Read on to learn about the importance of following up on the phone, understanding your prospects’ lifestyles and needs, and optimizing your call campaigns with the latest technology so you can drive efficiency and close more sales! 

VOIQ How To Determine the Best Day and Time to Conduct Sales Calls

Follow Up -
Where calls come in

After inbound leads come to your website, it’s important to follow-up with a warm call to keep those leads engaged. And, the quicker the follow-up the better. According to a study conducted by LeadResponseManagement.org, a response time of no more than five minutes results in a much higher number of qualified leads. After ten minutes, the number of leads qualified significantly decreases, which shows a quick response will garner the best results. Automating this process with an on-demand call web app will help you speed up response times and optimize your call campaigns.

Strategize - Plan for success

An essential component of any sales call strategy involves picking the best days and times to call your prospective clients. Our experience has shown us that, in order to determine when is best, you need to first consider who are you calling. Think about things like time zones, business office hours, restaurants being open on the weekends, and reaching people at home.

As a call web app, we gather insights from our own call campaign data to let us know which days and times are working best for our call agents. Keeping track of key metrics such as (1) the highest percentage of connected calls per hour and per day (2) peak call times, and (3) agent performance, through a real-time dashboard allow us to identify the best times of day to have our agents making calls on that specific campaign to ultimately drive more sales for that customer. For example, if we find we get 20% more connections at 3pm EST on Wednesdays, that’s a clear trend of solid times to call this group.

With all of this in mind, here are the best days for conducting sales calls, and also the days to avoid.

Best and Worst Days - Make it a good week

Best days: Wednesday and Thursday.

By this point in the week, people have settled in and taken care of pressing matters, so your call won’t seem like an interruption.

Worst days: Monday and Friday.

We all understand that Mondays are tough, as people are still reeling from the weekend and planning ahead for the rest of the week. Conversely, on Fridays, people are gearing up for the weekend and starting to mentally “check out.”  

Now, let’s get even more specific and discuss times.

Best and Worst times - On the dot

Best times: 8am to 9am, 4pm to 6pm.

Morning sales calls between 8 and 9 are the most productive because you’re more likely to directly connect with a senior staff member who might be in the office early — and those decision makers are whom you want to reach! By 4 to 6pm, most prospects have gotten their important work out of the way, so they’ll be more apt to stay on the line and listen to your offering. Also, decision makers tend to work late, so this time slot is also good for reaching them.

Having on-demand call agents is helpful for reaching prospects that work in restaurants or consumers at home, because they’re able to make calls at night and on weekends. We’ve found that calling as late as 8pm on weekdays and from 11am to 4pm on Saturdays and 1pm to 6pm and Sundays is most effective.

Worst times: (right) Before, during and (right) after lunchtime (12pm to 2pm).

The time running up to and right after lunch is the worst time to connect with prospects because either it’s the peak times of their business or they’re on their break!

Results - See what works!

The ultimate goal is to determine what works best for your company, so test out these suggested days and times and see what works best for you! Remember to follow up in a timely manner, devise a plan based on real-time data, and keep in mind the state at which you’ll reach your contacts. You might be surprised to find how many more leads you’ll speak to (and close!) with a just few simple tweaks.

Interested in more best practices for conducting sales calls? Request a demo below to learn more!
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