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How To Do Outbound Customer Service (And Do It Correctly)

Samantha Stevens

VOIQ How to Do Outbound Customer Service Correctly

Outbound customer service is growing in popularity, and for good reason. It allows customer service representatives to work from a company’s established customer base to address questions and concerns or when problems arise on customer accounts.

An effective outbound customer service strategy can help amplify your entire customer service strategy as a whole. Being there to address customer needs makes customers happy, and satisfaction, in turn, keeps customers around longer.

How can you be sure you implement it correctly to achieve the best results? The four categories below are the most popular use cases and will give you a great place to start.

Payment Inquiries

While your inbound customer service will take care of any questions that are called in, strategically placed outbound agents can handle the other end of communication. Payment inquiries from the company’s end are one of the most popular uses for outbound call agents. Agents can follow up with customers directly if a payment is overdue, declined, or problematic for any other reason. This resolves the problem faster and more efficiently than an auto-generated email, giving the customer the opportunity to speak directly with the team and get their questions answered promptly.

Problem Resolution

It’s great that you resolve issues the first time customers call in with them - after all, that’s why you have your customer service reps in the first place! But what happens after the problem has been resolved? Do you ever check in? Do you know how they’ve been performing since the problem was fixed? This is where you can utilize an outbound customer service agent. Contact those who have previously indicated a need for technical help or presence of an issue, and check in with them. Did the problem reoccur? Have they been doing well since then? Do they have any follow-up questions? This is also a great opportunity to ask a few customer satisfaction survey questions, if you have them.

Account Inquiries

As great and convenient as it is, sometimes email just doesn’t cut it for more important (and more pressing) matters. If there’s been a substantial change to an account, such as an address or credit card number change, it’s a good idea to have an outbound call agent get in touch with the customer and confirm they made the change. Additionally, if there is a product recall, it’s best to get in touch personally rather than send around a mass-generated email. Something of such high importance deserves a personal touch.


Outbound customer service agents are extremely useful for upselling products to your current customers because they usually have an ongoing, more in-depth relationship with customers than salespeople. Putting your outbound agents in charge of determining interest and qualifying leads from existing customers cuts down on the amount of time your salespeople spend away from closing new business. It’s also more comfortable for the customer to soft close the deal with someone they know before being transferred to sales to make it official.

When used correctly, outbound agents can be an integral part of your sales team, and they should be! The benefits greatly outweigh the costs, especially when your customers’ satisfaction is on the line.


Does an outbound call agent sound like something you’d like to integrate into your sales process? Get in touch below to schedule a free demo to see how VOIQ can help you reach your goals.

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