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How to Get Prospects to Show Up After Scheduling a Sales Demo

Margarita Yepes

As a part of building a successful SaaS company, we focus on not only improving the first S (software), so that it solves our customers’ need to scale and make their sales outreach smarter, but also on providing the last S (service), to help our customers improve their own sales processes, including getting their prospects to show up to the appointments we schedule for them.


Below are the best practices we give our clients to help make sure their prospects show up to their demos.

Identify why a prospect is a no-show

  • They don’t see what’s in it for them: The prospect needs to (1) be the true decision maker for whatever you are selling and (2) needs to truly understand and feel a pain point that would be resolved with what you are offering. If you weren’t able to establish this at the point of qualification, they may not show up to a demo.
  • They had a scheduling conflict:  That you can control. When following-up, propose rescheduling the meeting so you can preserve the momentum of your previous conversation.
  • They forgot:  Even if you send a calendar invite right after setting up the appointment, and even if they accepted it, prospects can still forget. You aren’t always top-of-mind. Creating a pre-meeting follow-up email or notification to make sure no one forgets to keep the ball rolling.

How to follow-up with prospects after setting an appointment 

What has worked best for our clients is consistent follow-up using a VoiceBot call/email combo. We recommend at least 2 follow-ups pre-appointment, and to keep the reminders interesting by sharing relevant material or value-adds you anticipate to cover during the call.

We’ve also launched follow-up call campaigns, where our VoiceBots call interested prospects to remind them of the meeting scheduled. It allows our clients to keep an active communication with their prospects and ensure a higher appointment rate.

The number of times and channels you use to follow-up prior to a demo will depend on the amount of time you’ve got between the qualification call and the appointment itself (i.e. you’re not going to circle back twice if the appointment is for the very next day - don’t wear out your prospect prematurely!).


- Confirmation email

I send an initial email immediately after the demo is scheduled with the date and time of the meeting, the objective of the call, and any initial information I’d liked to get from the customer (i.e. current contact database volume, KPIs, etc.), as well as any additional resources the prospect asked me to provide or that I feel would be helpful for our conversation.

- Confirmation call

Even if the appointment IS a phone call, making a quick call can make the difference. You can say something like: 

“Hi [Prospect Name] this is [Your Name] with [Company]. I know we have a call scheduled for [Date/Time] and wanted to see if we were still on for that?”

There’s 3 ways the call can go:

  • Yes, I’m still OK for that time
  • No, we need to cancel / reschedule
  • I forgot about it!

If it’s option 2 or 3, you have the chance to catch it ahead of time and work to fill that spot with a new interested prospect. Or, you can take advantage of the call and answer any additional questions and set the proper expectations, which might help nurture your prospect even further through the buyer’s journey and actually shorten your sales cycle.

- "Talk to you today" email

I send a second email a couple of hours before the meeting as a friendly reminder. I basically check if they’ve seen the invite and accepted it, and if that time still works for them.

- “Talk you in 1 hour” email

I send a third email 1 hour before the meeting with the points we will cover during the call/video call:  

  • Meeting details: date/time, and location if it’s a face-to-face meeting
  • A brief agenda: intro, recap of their main challenge, products that they’re interested in and questions

Here's a template you can use:

Email 1

Hey [Prospect Name],

Before our call tomorrow, [Date/Time]. I wanted to share with you some video content we recently published.

  • Link or file to piece #1
  • Link or file to piece #2

You should've received a calendar invite. But, just in case I copied the details below.

Look forward to talking soon,

[Your name]

Email 2

Subject Line: Our call today

Hi [Prospect Name],

*If you've already accepted the invite, great! You can ignore this message.

If you have not yet accepted our meeting, It's starting at [Time]. Did you receive the invite, does this time still work?

If you did not receive the calendar invite please check your spam. If you did, would you mind accepting as a confirmation?

Looking forward to talking to you!

[Your name]

Email 3

Subject Line: Our call in 1 hour

[Prospect Name],

A friendly reminder - Our call begins in one hour. During the call, we plan to:

  1. Understand growth goals for [Company], and your current sales call challenges
  2. A customized demo of VOIQ's software, integrations and the use case for [Company]
  3. Answer additional questions and discuss next steps

I've included a copy of the meeting details below. See you in an hour

[Your name]


Looking to build a pre-demo follow-up cadence using VoiceBot calls and emails? Talk to us and watch how your sales appointment rate rises! 

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