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How to Improve Sales Management Structure and Boost Sales Rep Performance

Bianca Rico

We recently checked out the Richardson report, which talked about the top three prospecting challenges faced by reps in 2016. One of the biggest challenges the study brought up was that sales reps were dissatisfied with their sales management structure.

Reps are feeling under-trained for “deals”, and voiced concerns that there were too many reps for each manager to coach effectively.

With many sales managers reporting being over-tasked with tedious work, such as monitoring prospecting calls and emails sent, Richardson suggests that a solution “...may mean changes in organizational structure, such as freeing up account managers’ time to focus solely on managing existing accounts.” How can you address this issue in your team? Make sure your sales team is specialized/segmented .

Richardson recognizes that emerging challenges for reps in the evolving sales environment requires sales teams “... to focus on the tools, processes, and resources needed to not only satisfy customers but to exceed expectations.” This means reps now “...must have deep product knowledge, solid selling skills, and a good understanding of the customer’s business and industry.” The increased skill demand for reps means that sales managers need to structure the sales department to ensure that reps prioritize their time to research companies, nurture leads and close deals, while a segmented department of SDRs continuously generates and qualifies leads.

VOIQ makes it possible for any size company to segment their sales department with VOIQ sales professionals making prospecting calls and handing-off qualified leads to your sales team’s reps for nurturing and deal closing. Sales reps can focus on consistent, personalized outreach to leads who are in the decision stage of the buyer journey, while VOIQ keeps the top of your sales funnel full of new prospects.


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