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How VoiceBots keep your leads engaged throughout the buyer's journey

Cindy Romero

 How VoiceBots can keep your leads engaged 

Throughout the buyer's journey, it's imperative to keep your leads engaged every step of the way. Every business should know that to keep your prospects interested; you need to invest time and patience. Even though you may be putting in all your efforts to keep your buyers engaged, you're never going to get every sale. This is the first thing to understand is that even though you may not get the sale, putting 100% into each prospect is still a must. 

Having the available workforce is always an issue when it comes to keeping your leads engaged. It can be hard to keep up with every prospect and make sure you're giving each one the attention they need. This is where voicebots come in. They can do the grunt work for you to make sure your lead is being engaged throughout the entire buyer journey. With VOIQ VoiceBots, simple tasks that may take someone in your workforce hours to complete can be done in seconds, like scheduling follow-ups, answering simple questions, and making demo appointments.

Bottom line: your prospects need to be engaged, and below we outline the top ways to keep them engaged, and how VoiceBots can help out. 

Be useful

Provide your prospects with complimentary downloadable content or e-books on your website so they can gain information at all times. You want your prospects to feel they have access to everything before they buy. With VoiceBots, you can trigger a follow-up call with prospects when an e-book or any content is downloaded. 

Be available

Remember, you work for your prospects, not the other way around, so you need to be available whenever they need you. Emotions affect sales and can make or break a deal. When a prospect knows you care and are available to them at any point, it gives them a sense of importance. Schedule customized VoiceBot follow-ups with your prospects throughout the buyer journey to show you're invested, and make sure they can connect with a live person whenever they need to ask any questions. 

Be a leader 

Make sure you become the go-to person for everything in your industry. Establishing yourself as an expert in your field is vital if you want to gain the trust of your prospect throughout the buyer journey. Make sure your website has ample content like blogs that show you know what you're talking about. Start posting content on social platforms that appeal to your followers. You can take a look at a previous blog we published to see which social platform may work best for your business. 

Another great way to present yourself as a leader in your industry is to use a VoiceBot to call your prospects inviting them to events or conferences that may appeal to them: you can even partner with those events organizers to offer a discount code. This will show your prospect you're in tune with their interests.  

Maintain engagement

Engage with prospects throughout the entire buyer journey with VoiceBots by scheduling appointment reminders, follow-ups, check-ins, or to ask simple and straightforward questions. Prospects need to be reminded they are important to you, and maintaining an appropriate amount of engagement throughout the buyer journey is essential.

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